Frequently Asked Questions for Satoshis:

Make backups of your "wallet.wallet", because if this file is lost, all your Bitcoin inside will be gone forever!

Read me if you use Vault!

  • What is Satoshis? Satoshis is a Minecraft economy plugin that uses the Bitcoin to back it.
  • Why should I use Satoshis? Satoshis provides a unique economy experience and a way for server owners to earn a little cash.
  • How does it work? To buy in-game money, a player must first execute the command "/deposit". The plugin will show them an address they can send their Bitcoin to. After they do that, they wait a while for the system to confirm their deposit, and then the plugin will add the money to their in-game account. If they want to withdraw the money stored within their account, they simply do "/withdraw <address> [amount]". If the fee system is on, they can expect the money in their address in as few as 30 min.
  • How do I install it? It is very simple! Just put the Satoshis jar file into your plugins folder, restart (or /reload), and you are all set! The plugin will setup the default config, download the 22MB+ blockchain file (It takes much longer than you think, because it has to download 2.5GB of data to sift through), and create a wallet with 5 addresses in it. The plugin will automatically add addresses to the wallet if the need arises.
  • What are the various files in my plugins/Satoshis folder? To put it simply, the "wallet.wallet" file is where your wallet info is stored. The "store.blockchain" is where the info on the past Bitcoin transactions are stored. The "Satoshis.db" file stores all player account info. The "config.yml" is the configuration file.


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