Vault & Satoshis caveats

To ensure that Satoshis functions properly and as intended, make sure that you do these things:

  • Disable pay-to-nobody and something-from-nothing features in ALL Vault plugins! I cannot stress this enough. Allowing these features to exist WILL screw up your economy! An example of a pay-to-nobody system is an admin shop (one where nobody gets the funds sent to the shop). An example of a something-from-nothing system is payment for voting.
  • Tax systems (See QuickShop) should be disabled. (We already have a tax system in place, see the config.yml)
  • If the Vault plugin checks for direct transfer, it will break unless the Satoshis's tax is set to 0. This is because the Vault connector in Satoshis auto transfers tax from the transaction.
  • NEW! One can now disable sales tax all together and instead use withdrawal tax. Use this if caveat #3 is affecting your server.


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