New release plan

New release plan

In these days, I've got more works to do and have very little time to update plugins. So, I decided to make a new release plan to helps me solve this problem and also don't make you wait too long for plugin to updated.

A new release plan will have following update...

  • CB update - Release within 1 week after (at least) new Beta Build is out
  • Feature update - Release when at least 1 feature is completed
  • Hotfix update - Release within 3 days (or more but not longer than 1 week) after big major bug is found (eg. Item Duplicate, Console/Server spam)

CB update is regular update for plugin. When I update plugin, I'll update a little bit of unfinished features (can be released as beta feature if available) and after it's finished, it'll become feature update.

This new release plan can helps me update plugin more frequent (unlike the old one which usually release after feature is finished) and also let's me revive inactive plugins or create a new plugin. :)

Feedbacks/Suggestions about my plugins can help me improve my plugins and also keep me active with plugin development.

Any comments and suggestions on this page are welcome. :)

Hope you understand, spywhere.


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