Why Switch?

So, you've looked at RoyalCommands, but you don't know why you should switch? I've asked some of the people who use RoyalCommands some questions on why they like it so much.


jkcclemens: So, how long have you used RoyalCommands?
riolu447: umm, 6 months maybe?

jkcclemens: Did you switch from another general commands plugin?
riolu447: yes, switched from default commands to command book, to essentials, to rcmds

jkcclemens: Was there a specific feature that RoyalCommands has that your old plugins didn't that made you switch?
riolu447: um, not at first. I switched from essentials because someone (can't remember who) said that essentials could cause major issues, and they reccomended rcmds. I liked and you update quickly as well as take our input and help us out. So we stuck with rcmds.

jkcclemens: Do you have a favorite command or feature that was missing in your old plugin?
riolu447: can't decide between /ride /monitor and /modinv :D those are all great and none of the other plugins had them

jkcclemens: What surprised you most when you started using RoyalCommands?
riolu447: How well rounded and awesome the plugin was but how few people were using it at the time

jkcclemens: Would you recommend this plugin to others, and if you would, why?
riolu447: Yes I would. There are plenty of "general command" plugins out there. But what makes this one different and In my opinion better than all the others is that fact that you are here and you listen to our ideas and add a lot of them as well as provide almost immediate support for anyone who asks. (aka Your plugin has the best "customer service" I have ever seen.)


jkcclemens: When did you start using RoyalCommands?
Fate: I believe it was in mid 2010 after our First Server Crash

jkcclemens: Were you using a different general commands plugin at the time?
Fate: We were, we had Essentials before the Crash

jkcclemens: What made you switch?
Fate: We found a hole in Essentials that let players use their /nuke command and at the time that was a huge issue seeing as it bypassed many protections so we rushed to find a replacement, and I stumbled upon RoyalCommands

jkcclemens: When you initially switched, what was your first impression of RoyalCommands?
Fate: at first, we were kind of unsure about RoyalCommands, it still had many holes in it's 2.3 build but at least it didn't have the same /nuke hole that Essentials had then

jkcclemens: What do you think of RoyalCommands now in comparison to your first impression?
Fate: As of this date, on build 2.5pre it has improved dramatically and many of it's holes are cleaned up. We do still find some on occasion, but that is why we use the Dev builds, so we can help jkcclemens fix those holes.

jkcclemens: What is your favorite feature of RoyalCommands that was absent in Essentials?
Fate: as of this moment it is currently "/buddha" as dumb as it may sound, I actually enjoy Survival so for me Buddha gives me that survival feel while still being invincible, and by disabling "/god" users that log in trying to use that command whether they have the permission for it or not, can't exploit it

jkcclemens: Finally, would you recommend RoyalCommands to others, and for what reasons?
Fate: I would, in fact I already have, most of our users run their own little servers and I usually tell them to go with RoyalCommands unless they don't know how to use it


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