## Kits

Kits are a pre-specified group of items that can be given to a user (with permissions) by using /kit [kit-name]. Kits have practical uses such as starting new users off on the right foot (with basic supplies), giving Moderators diamond tools and bedrock (for moderation), etc.

Kit Configuration

By default, you will have two kits in your config.yml.

use_exclusive_kit_perms: false
    - '5:10'
    - '1:5'
    - '3:25'
    - '4:64'
    - '35:64:14'
    - '35:64:15'

The default kit contains 10 wooden planks, 5 stone, 25 dirt, and 64 cobblestone. The format used is [ID]:[amount].
The wool kit contains 64 red wool, and 64 black wool. The format used here is [ID]:[amount]:[data]. If you need no data, you can leave it out.

You can add as many kits as you want, and they can contain as many items as you want.

Kit Permissions

The use_exclusive_kit_perms option is used to set a per-kit permission system. A player with rcmds.kit and rcmds.kit.default (assuming that use_exclusive_kit_perms is set to true) will be able to do /kit default, but not /kit wool. If your permission plugin supports asterisk nodes (e.g. rcmds.kit.*), you can assign one to rcmds.kit to allow a player all kits. Note: a permission node for this will be added in a new release.


If the player who issues /kit has a full inventory, the items that didn't fit from the kit will be dropped on the ground. Otherwise, the items will fill up the first slots that are open.


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