Using Translations

You can use translations provided by dbo users.
All you need to do is to go to to localization site and change the options to match this Options
You should select the language you want, but first you should check if that language it 100% translated. IT WILL NOT WORK ANYWAYS! You can check that on the localization overview page Click export and copy the message directly into your file, located in the RideThaMob folder.
The use /rtm reload and it will load the new messages!

Help Translating

Go to the main localization site, select the language, you want to translate the plugin to. The it will list all messages, with it english default value and you can enter the value for your langue. If other users already submitted an translation you can change it or just skip it. After you are done, click save in the bottom right corner. Now you can use the translation as explained above.
Thank you for helping translating the project!


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