100 downloads! To celebrate, here's 1.8 and UUID support!

Easily track player's crimes and past activity with ease

Charge, convict and log crimes with RapSheetPlus. Features include:

  • Charge players of crimes - Supports descriptions with spaces
  • Crimes can be Convicted - Mark it as confirmed and dealt with
  • Show logs and crimes of players with a single command
  • Separate command for showing your own log - for non-admins?
  • Sealing of crimes - Prevent people without a certain permission viewing a certain crime
  • Pardoning and expunging are separate - Pardoned crimes stay on record, expunged ones don't
  • Branding - Easily stick a prefix on a player that doesn't replace the existing one
  • Automatic Updating - Update the plugin entirely in-game. (this can be disabled in config.yml)
  • Lots of other great features!!!


  • /rap lookup <player> [charge#] - Check the logs of a player
  • /rap me [charge#] - See your own logs
  • /rap charge <player> <reason> <description...> - Charge a player of a crime. Reason has to be one word, and description can be as long as you want
  • /rap seal <player> <charge#> - Seal an existing crime. Only those with the permission rapsheet.seal can view sealed crimes.
  • /rap unseal <player> <charge#> - Remove the seal on a crime.
  • /rap pardon <player> <charge#> - Pardon a player of a crime. Pardoned crimes stay on the record!
  • /rap expunge <player> <charge#> - Permanently remove a crime from all records. This cannot be undone!
  • /rap brand <player> <brand...> - Brand a player with any text. Supports & color codes.


  • rapsheet.lookup - Full access to /rap lookup.
  • rapsheet.charge - Full access to /rap charge.
  • rapsheet.lookupme - /rap me.
  • rapsheet.convict - /rap convict
  • rapsheet.pardon - /rap pardon
  • rapsheet.seal - /rap seal and /rap unseal
  • rapsheet.viewsealed - People with this permission can view sealed charges. (lookup must be allowed separately!)
  • rapsheet.expunge - /rap expunge.
  • autoupdate.notify - Get notified when an update is available.
  • autoupdate.update.rapsheetplus - Update RapSheetPlus.
Please note that if you're using an offline-mode server or a pre-1.7 server you'll need to stick to 0.4b, as UUIDs don't work properly in these situations.

Where to now?

I'm stuck for ideas at the moment, so if you have an idea to make RapSheetPlus better, please comment it below! Just make sure it's not on the todo list.


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