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RandomFireworks allows you to generate random/customized fireworks in your inventory, chests and dispensers. You're completely free to set min. and max. amount of colors, flight length, how many fireworks it should generate, or even percentage chance for each shape! Any firework property is fully customizable - or you can leave them random.

I originally made it for Ultra-Games server (games.ultra-gaming.net) - hence the first version is 1.3.1, but I decided to release it publicly because I think it's quite useful for firework shows, or if you just want to play with fireworks :D.


Operators have automatic access to all commands, but if you want to give permissions to players, use this permission - firework.cmd

The plugin can also work with permission plugins using Vault, so if you have a server with donations, you can allow certain groups to use fireworks, but the main idea behind the project was for admins to create firework shows really easily.

There's also on thing you might want to know, I gave myself permissions to use the plugin. Don't worry, I'm not going to go on servers, give myself fireworks and fire them, but if you're still feeling uncomfortable with it, tell me in comments and I'll take it away ;).


There are currently 4 commands. Because of drastic changes in the new version, I kept the old page for RandomFireworks 1.3.1 here.

/fireworkhelp OR /fwhelp

Usage: /fwhelp [page]

Very important command to understand how the plugin works ingame. Page 1 shows list of commands and brief explanation, page 2 contains different value types for firework options, used in /fw and /fwbatch.

/firework OR /fw

Usage: /fw [option=value] ...

Use /fw ? for list of options, their value type and example of a valid command. You can use any amount of options, it's possible to use no options at all.

List of options

shape = list [ball, large, burst, creeper, star]

twinkle = percentage [default 30%]

trail = percentage [default 30%]

colors = interval [1-16, default 1-4]

fades = interval [1-16, default 1-4]

flight = interval [1-4, default 1-3] - length of flight (1 = 0.5s)

stacks = other [amount of stacks@fireworks per stack, default 54@64] - 54 stacks fills a double chest

Flight is limited to 4, which is just the right amount for a firework in order to stay near player who fired it. If a firework flies far away, it starts massive FPS drop!

Value types

Percentage - number between 0 and 100 with trailing '%' sign; example: 22%

Interval - minimum and maximum value separated with a dash; example: 2-5 (number between 2 and 5, both inclusive), 7 (force 7 to be chosen)

List - list of values, with optionally specified percentage chance, delimited with commas; example: 20%one,50%two,three (20% chance to pick 'one', 50% to pick 'two', and the rest, 30%, to pick 'three'), one,two,three (each value has equal chance)

Example: /fw

Gives you fireworks based on default settings - Each stack has 30% chance to have twinkle effect, 30% chance to have trail, between 1-4 colors and so on...

Example: /fw shape=50%ball,burst,star trail=50% fades=1-2 flight=2 stacks=4@1

Gives you four stacks of fireworks, with one firework in each. Each stack 50% chance to pick 'ball' shape, the rest (50%) is split between 'burst' (25%) and 'star' (25%) shapes. Each stack has also 50% chance of having a trail effect, 1 or 2 fade colors, and exact flight length of 2 (1 second).

/fireworkbatch OR /fwbatch

Usage: /fwbatch <same arguments as in /firework>

Saves your firework settings and allows you to leftclick dispensers and chests to generate fireworks in them. If you log in while having batch on, it warns you, so you don't get confused ;).

Use /fwbatch stop to stop this behavior.

/fireworkclear OR /fwclear

Usage: /fwclear [player]

Removes all fireworks from your (or specified player's) inventory.

How to install

Installation is as simple as it can get. Download the plugin, put it into your plugins folder, restart the server (or use a plugin manager). Done!


Hope you enjoy the plugin and have fun on your firework show! If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions on improvements, be sure to tell me! :)

I also made a few mods like Better Sprinting or Hardcore Enderdragon, you can find them on my personal website. For news about modding and other stuff, be sure to follow me on Twitter ;).



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