Random Crates

Random Crates

Random Crates allows for privileged users to give Mystery Crates which will provide the user of it a random item based off of a list of items provided by the Server Operator.


/crate give <player> <amount>
Gives <player> a Mystery Crate. If <player> is not specified, the command user will be given a crate. If <amount> is not specified, the user will get 1 crate.
Restricted to users with the RandomCrate.crate permission (default: op)


Allows users to use the /crate give command. (default: op)


To open the Mystery Crate, just click with it equipped. It will open and a random item will be granted from the list of items provided by the Server Operator.

Installation and Configuration

To install Random Crates

  • Download the .jar file
  • Place the jar file in your "plugins" folder
  • Start or reload your server. This will create a "RandomCrate" folder in your plugins folder. This folder will also contain a default items list.
  • Success!

To configure Random Crates

  • Open the "RandomCrate" folder inside your plugins folder and open the "config.yml" file.
  • Read the comments in the file and fill in the items appropriately. For an example, check out the default config file on GitHub.


This plugin is still considered to be in beta due to lack of extensive testing, however it seems to work well. If you come across a bug, please submit a ticket here.


The source code can be found on Github.


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