Create Arena Solo


Create Arena Solo


  • /quake create [name] Solo

So now the arena [name] is created.

Now you can do basic edit :

  • /quake setmin [name] 2 - To set the minimum number of player before the game start.
  • /quake setmax [name] 10 - To set the maximum number of player who can join the arena (VIP bypass this).
  • /quake setmap [name] Test - To set the display name of the map.

Now you need to define spawns :

  • /quake addspawn [name] - It will add a spawn in the arena at your coordinations and where you see.

You can remove spawn with :

  • /quake removespawn [arena] [number] - [number] is given when you define spawns.

Ok now first creation is done. Now you can full edit in the config.


Go in ./plugins/Quake/arenas/ and open your arena (called [name].yml).

So you can edit :

  • Natural-Death: false/true - true: die when you swim in lava for example, false: be god.
  • Auto-Respawn: false/true - false: you need to click on respawn button, true: only play :).
  • VIP: false/true - false: all, true: only vip.
  • Goal: [number] - The goal to win.
  • Time-Before: [number] - Time of count down before start.
  • Time-After: [number] - Time of count down after win.
  • Coins-per-Win: [number] - Amount of coins gained by winning.
  • Coins-per-Kill: [number] - Amount of coins gained by killing people.
  • VIP-Multiplicator: [number] - How much the gain will be multiplied for vip.
  • VIP+-Multiplicator: [number] - How much the gain will be multiplied for vip+.
  • Global-Chat: true/false - true: message of player in the arena will be displayed for all players, false: only displayed for player in the arena.
  • Sneak: true/false - true: the sneak will not work, false: player can sneak and hide himself.


You can edit potion active in the arena by add :

- JUMP:1

Now save the file and do /quake reload.