This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PWPromote - Now your users can promote themselves!

I will continue this plugin here

This plugin needs Vault

Compitable permissons plugins: PEX,bPermissions,zPermissions, Permissions 3

Using PermissionsBukkit or GroupManager? - Read this

Normally, if a new player joins your Server, he is a guest or something else. You have to promote every single player by hand. If you have a big server, you have to promote players all day. But now, the players can promote themselfes by just typing in a password, that you have hidden in the rules or somewhere on your website.


  • Sends a message to new players
  • Let new players promotes themselfes with a password
  • Freeze new players
  • Mute new players
  • Create random tokens for groups
  • Limited and unlimited usage of tokens


If a new player joins your server, he will see a message, that you can set in the config file. Then he can type /apply [Password]. If the password is right, he will get promoted to the Member group. Simple, isn't it?


  • /apply [Password] - If [Password] is equals ths password in your config, the commandsender will be promotet to group.
  • /applyreload - Reloads the config File, you need have the pwpromote.reload permissons.
  • /token [token] - Uses a token
  • /createtoken [group] [usage] - Creates a random token for the given group. Set the usage to -1 for unlimited usage (You can add own tokens by adding them to the config and reloading the plugin)


  • pwpwomote.reload - Allows the reloading of the plugin
  • pwpromote.token.use.[token] - Allows the using of the given token
  • pwpromote.token.use.* - Allows the use of all tokens
  • pwpromote.token.create - Allows the creation of a random token

Default config file

This is the default config file, it will be generatet at the first run of the plugin

  • Message: This is the message that will be displayed to new players You can use the colorcodes and $player, $group, and $password
  • Defaultgroup: Here you have to write your default/guest-group
  • Group: Here you have to set your Member-group, that players will get promotet to
  • Password: Here you have to set your password
  • Freeze: if you set this to true, new players cannot move
  • Mute if set to true, new players won't be able to chat


  • Add a mute funktion
  • Add a new spawnpoint for new players
  • Maybe add a function to filter out the password


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