This is what you will see in your PvPManager folder. I believe it already has a very detailed explanation of every feature.
Feel free to ask any questions in this thread
For an always updated version of the config file go here

Configuration File:

# Locale -> Changes messages language, options are - en ru ch es it de br
# Default PvP -> Leave it at true unless you want no PvP for new players
# PvP Blood -> Enable blood particles on PvP
# Player Drop Mode -> What happens to a player's drops on death
# The options are 'ALWAYS' - (PvPManager does nothing, so feature is disabled),
# mode 'DROP' - (Players drop items when killed in PvP but not in PvE),
# mode 'KEEP' - (Players keep items when killed in PvP but not in PvE) and
# mode 'TRANSFER' - (Same as 'DROP' but transfer items directly to killer without drops)
# Ignore No Damage Hits -> Ignore hits from snowballs, eggs, fishing rod and others
# Stop Border Hopping -> Players are vulnerable in safezones after getting tagged
# This prevents players from doing a hit and run between zone borders
# World Exclusions -> List of worlds where PvPManager will have no effect
  Locale: en
  Default PvP: true
  PvP Blood: true
  Player Drop Mode: ALWAYS
  Ignore No Damage Hits: false
  Stop Border Hopping: true
  World Exclusions:
    - Example

# What should be disabled when a player(except operators) enters PvP
# Fly -> Disable any kind of fly mode
# GameMode -> Anything not Survival gets disabled
# Disguise -> Disguises from DisguiseCraft or LibsDisguises
# GodMode -> GodMode from Essentials or CommandBook
# Invisibility -> Invisibility potions, defaults to false as it's a vanilla feature
  Fly: true
  GameMode: true
  Disguise: true
  GodMode: true
  Invisibility: false

# Section about the tag system
# Time -> How long should the tag last in seconds
# NameTag Prefix -> Choose the player's nametag prefix while tagged, '&c' would just color his name red
# while 'none' will disable this feature completely
# Block -> Section is self-explanatory, what to block in combat
# Command whitelist is recursive, allowing 'tell' will allow 'tell' with any number of arguments
# Punish On Kick -> Punish the player even if he gets kicked by other plugin while tagged
# Log To File -> Logs all combat loggers to a file that you can read later
# Kill on Logout -> Should the player be killed and, if so, what will he drop
# Commands On PvPLog -> List of commands to execute on combat log, use '%p' for player name
# And use the 'announce' command to broadcast, to disable just delete the command
Tagged In Combat:
  Enabled: true
  Time: 10
  NameTag Prefix: '&c'
    EnderPearls: true
    Place Blocks: false
      Enabled: true
      Whitelist: true
      Command List:
        - tell
        - tag
    Punish On Kick: true
    Money Penalty: 0
    Log To File: true
    Kill on Logout:
      Enabled: true
      Player Drops:
        Inventory: true
        Experience: true
        Armor: true
    Commands On PvPLog:
      - 'announce &6[&8PvPManager&6] %p tried to escape combat!'

# Should new players on your server be protected from PvP (If they want to PvP anyway they can use /pvp disable)
# Time - How many minutes should newbie protection last, not persistent through restarts
# Block Pick Items - Block players from picking up items while they have protection
# Protect From Everything - Protect newbies from all types of damage including PvE
Newbie Protection:
  Enabled: true
  Time(minutes): 5
  Block Pick Items: false
  Protect From Everything: false

# Prevent player abuse by killing the same player several times to rise in rank or even just grief
# Example - If a player X kills player Y more than 5 times, it executes the commands defined(kick, jail, etc)
# In this case, it would check every 60 seconds for abusers
# Respawn Protection - After respawn, how many seconds should players be protected (0 to disable)
Kill Abuse:
  Enabled: true
  Max Kills: 5
  Time Limit: 60
  Commands on Abuse:
    - 'kick <player> Kill Abuse Is Not Allowed!'
  Respawn Protection: 3

# Section with settings triggered when a player kills another player
# Money Reward - Money won as reward, use less than 1 for percentage like 0.05 for 5% (0 to disable)
# Money Penalty - Money lost on PvP death, use less than 1 for percentage like 0.1 for 10% (0 to disable)
# Commands On Kill - Commands to execute on kill (<player> is the killer, <victim> is the victim)
Player Kills:
  Money Reward: 0
  Money Penalty: 0
  Commands On Kill: []

# Section for PvP Toggle command - /pvp
# Players can't use the command unless they have permission
# Cooldown - How many seconds until players can use the command again
# NameTags - What should the player's prefix be when pvp is on/off
# You can write 'none' to disable one of the nametags, or set 'Enabled' to false to disable both
# Commands -> Command list to execute on PvP toggle, use '%p' for player name
PvP Toggle:
  Cooldown: 15
    Enabled: false
    Prefix On: '&1'
    Prefix Off: '&2'
  Commands PvP On: []
  Commands PvP Off: []

# Should PvPManager be allowed to check for updates and tell you about them
# Update Location - Check and download from Spigot or from Bukkit website
# Auto Update - After checking should we download it automatically for you?
Update Check:
  Enabled: true
  Update Location: Bukkit
  Auto Update: true

  Opt-out: false


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