Download and search plugins inside of minecraft! Forget about having to go download the jar file, you can do it all in-game! The plugin uses the latest data from, and automatically downloads the newest update of the plugin you request.


  • Downloads plugins
  • Shows info about a plugin
  • Searches plugins
  • Disables and enables plugins
  • Extracts the .jar if your plugin is in a .zip file
  • Automatically updates the plugin
    All of this, ingame!


Planned Features

  • Save disabled state on restart/reload
  • Auto-updating for other plugins
  • Search paging, searching in categories
  • Deleting plugins
  • Editing config files
  • Reloading specific plugins

Note: Whever you see "pluginname" I mean the plugin slug. The slug is most of the time the same as the plugin name, but if you need to find it, it's what's in your address bar. For example, for this plugin it is


  • /ptool install pluginname ==> Installs a plugin.
  • /ptool installurl URL ==> Installs a plugin or zip from a URL. (a link to a .jar plugin) Also works when pasting bukkitdev project URLs
  • /ptool find searchstring ==> Searches all plugins by name and description. (takes longer)
  • /ptool fastfind searchstring ==> Just searches by name, much faster, but less results.
  • /ptool load exactname.jar ==> Allows you to load a new plugin without restarting or reloading the server.
  • /ptool disable pluginname ==> Disable a plugin.
  • /ptool enable pluginname ==> Enable a plugin.
  • /ptool info pluginname ==> Show info about a plugin.


  • plugintools.use ==> allows the use of the plugin.


This plugin uses metrics to get some information about how much this plugin is used. You can see a graph here:


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