This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PluginPack CommandEX

Dont want folders with loads of bad plugins? and none of them works?
we got that covered for you! PluginPack has everything in 1 simpel plugin Created from bottom to top!
has everything you need to start your server no need to install 16 plugins to get something working supports 1.8
it has all the essentials commands and even more
check out the pluginpack commands to see whats inside

Click Here To See Comamnds
Click Here To See Config


Custom Player Commands - allows you to map commands from players to commands of your choice (example: you can create command "/hi" that will actually perform command "/say Hello Everyone!")
all kick commands from essentials
/freeze if someone is running away from you or hacking this cna block them from doing commands too!
/playtime must play 12 hours before they cna do /sethome and or /home (can change in config)
/gm if you wish to build!
/chunk to fix corrupt chunks!
All /ban commands from essentials
/pardon only command to unban someone
/home A full home management suite. Allows players to set their homes via /sethome command, have one home per each world, instantly teleport to their home and invite friends to it, too!
A little bit of administration is thrown into this package as well, allowing admins to clear unused homes or teleport to them (to restore nature) using a single command.
/butcher to remove mobs
/setrank to create a rank (should support groupmanager and permissionsEX)
/eco to give someone or take reset money
/balance or /bal to see money
/clear to remove you inventory or others
/setspawn to set the default spawn for deault group
/warp to teleport to warps /setwarp to create
/tp to teleport to someone without asking
/tpto teleport himself to someone
/tpworld to teleport to worlds indead of downloading those stubid world teleporter!
/tpa /tpdeny /tpaccept /tpahere

How To Use?
1. Download the plugin
2. Drag it into you're plugin's folder called (Plugins)
3. Make sure it runs 1.8 server and plugin
4. Start server for config to generate
5.stop server enter plugin folder change whatever you wanna change
6. start server and you're good to go
if this project gets approved we will make a plugin for all the modpacks out there since this build ony supports 1.8 not 1.6


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