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What is it?

PlayerLink is a simple, lightweight plugin designed to make sharing URLs related to your server easier. With the mere typing of a command, a user can instantly be given a URL to whatever you set! No longer will you have to pump a URL through an announcer plugin and no longer will you have to have the URL in the clipboard for when new players join your server. It's all there for them. Whether it be a website, voting page, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube account... we have you covered.

In addition to just showing the link, there is an optional feature that every time a player uses one of these commands, it will be broadcast across the chat, to let others know that the command is there for them to use. All it takes is one player to use the command, and everybody online now knows about it!



/playerlink helpShows all usable commands
/websiteShows the link to a website you set
/voteShows the link to a voting website you set (Votifier recommended)
/forumsShows the link to a forum you set
/shopShows the link to a server shop you set
/voiceShows the IP to a voice server you set
/mapShows the link to a DynMap page you set
/wikiShows the link to a wiki you set
/facebookShows the link to a Facebook page you set
/twitterShows the link to a Twitter page you set
/youtubeShows the link to a YouTube page you set
/google+Shows the link to a Google+ page you set
/instagramShows the link to an Instagram page you set
/linkShows the link to any URL you set
/playerlink reloadReload the configuration file


  • Configurable value for the cooldown timer for the broadcast message

Leave me suggestions in a ticket by clicking HERE.


  • playerlink.*
    • Allows access to all commands in the plugin
  • playerlink.player.*
    • Allows access to all player-related commands in the plugin
    • Does not include /playerlink reload
  • playerlink.forums
  • playerlink.voice
  • playerlink.dynmap
  • playerlink.facebook
  • playerlink.twitter
  • playerlink.googleplus
  • playerlink.instagram
  • playerlink.reload

Known Bugs / Issues

No current bugs or issues! To report a bug or issue, please make a ticket HERE


(What is displayed after typing "/website") /website command (What is displayed after typing "/vote") /vote command


MCStats for PlayerLink


Enjoy PlayerLink? It would help me greatly if you'd donate a few extra dollars for developing the plugin! I'm a student, so I don't have much time or money, and any sized contribution would be more than welcome. :)

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