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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Make your overall experience more dangerous and realistic.

Player Conditions Logo

Logos and Vector by xDizasterCYx.

Player Conditions



Player Conditions is meant to enhance the danger of your minecraft server. Players now have different conditions to start looking out for, such as bleeding, zombie infections, frostbite, and many more. Instead of plain old player versus player combat, and walking around willy nilly without a care in the world that you'll be safe with your diamond armour, there's a lot more danger than that. There's a possible chance that you could start bleeding if you fight too much. Maybe you'll get hit by a zombie and become infected! Who knows.

During Player versus Player combat, just for aesthetic effect, every hit will have a blood particle effect. Fun, right? Wrong. There is a 5% chance that one of the players will become in a state of bleeding, or hemorrhaging. This player will then take damage periodically every set amount of seconds (which can be defined in a configuration file). Until the player crafts a special "bandage" item. If this bandage is right clicked, it will stop the bleeding, and heal a few health points.

Zombies aren't that scary either, right? Once again, unfortunately you're wrong. If you're hit by a zombie, there's a 1% chance that you will become infected just like them! You'll slowly take damage, become nauseated, start groaning like a zombie, and when you die you turn into a horrifying zombie! There's a little bit more danger to fighting these pesky zombies now isn't there?

A full list of currently implemented conditions and diseases can be found by clicking here!


Future Plans

I have plans in the future to add more conditions other than just bleeding. I have plans for conditions such as:

  • Heatstroke - Take damage if in a hot biome for too long. Wearing armour increases chance of heatstroke (Suggested by _xRosieHx_)
  • Osteophobia - If shot by a skeleton, there's a 5% chance you'll start to have a fear of skeletons
  • Hypothermia - When in cold water, there's a chance you will get hypothermia and become frozen
  • Blood Improvements - Take inconsideration of armour when dealing with blood damage chances
  • Claustrophobia - Being in a cramped 1x2 area will make you start to feel claustrophobic
  • Positive Conditions? - Make a ticket for things you might like to be added
  • Overdose - Having too many potion effects will cause the player to start taking damage

Any ideas for conditions are appreciated as they will be added as soon as possible



/conditions versionView version information about Player Conditionsconditions.version
/conditions bleedView all sub-commands for bleed conditionconditions.bleeding
/conditions infectView all sub-commands for infect conditionconditions.infection
/conditions frostbiteView all sub-commands for frostbite conditionconditions.frostbite
/conditions mystophobiaView all sub-commands for mystophobia conditionconditions.mystophobia
/conditions arachnophobiaView all sub-commands for arachnophobiaconditions.arachnophobia
/conditions malariaView all sub-commands for malariaconditions.malaria
/pcconfigFull access to the configuration file in-gameconditions.config.*
/pcconfig reloadReload the configuration file for Player Conditionsconditions.config.reload
/pcconfig listView all configuration options, and their current valuesconditions.config.list
/pcconfig setSet a specified configuration option from in gameconditions.config.set



Permission NodeDescriptionDefault
conditions.versionAllow access to the /conditions version sub-commandTrue
conditions.bleedingAllow access to the /conditions bleeding sub-command sectionOP
conditions.infectionAllow access to the /conditions infection sub-command sectionOP
conditions.frostbiteAllow access to the /conditions frostbite sub-command sectionOP
conditions.mystophobiaAllow access to the /conditions mystophobia sub-command sectionOP
conditions.arachnophobiaAllow access to the /conditions arachnophobia sub-command sectionOP
conditions.malariaAllow access to the /conditions malaria sub-command sectionOP
conditions.config.*Allow full administrative access to the /pcconfig commandOP
conditions.config.reloadAllow access to the /pcconfig reload commandOP
conditions.config.viewAllow access to the /pcconfig list commandOP
conditions.config.setAllow access to the /pcconfig set commandOP



Config OptionDescriptionDefault Value
MetricsEnabledBoolean value. Whether plugin metrics should be enabled or notTrue
BleedDamageDelayInt value. The interval of time between when bleeding players take damage140 (7 seconds)
BleedDamageInt value. The amount of damage a bleeding player takes every x interval of time1 (Half a heart)
InfectionsInflictDamageBoolean value. Whether damage should be inflicted upon a player if they are infectedTrue
InfectionPeriodicalConfusionBoolean value. Whether temporary blindness is randomly inflicted to the player every time damage is dealtTrue
InfectionDamageDelayInt value. The interval of time between when infected players take damage140 (7 seconds)
InfectionDamageInt value. The amount of damage a bleeding player takes every x interval of time2 (1 heart)
VertigoEnabledBoolean value. Whether vertigo should be enabled or notTrue
VertigoHeightInt value. The defining height at which players have a possibility of feeling vertigo150
FoodPoisoningEnabledBoolean value. Whether food poisoning should be enabled or notTrue
FrostbiteDamageDelayInt value. The interval of time between when frostbitten players take damage70 (3.5 seconds)
FrostbiteDamageInt value. The amount of damage a frostbitten player takes every x interval of time2 (1 heart)
MystophobiaEnabledBoolean value. Whether mystophobia should be enabled or notTrue
MystophobiaDelayInt value. The interval of time between when mystified players receive effects140 (7 seconds)
MalariaDamageDelayInt value. The interval of time between when players with malaria take damage70 (3.5 seconds)
MalariaDamageInt value. The amount of damage a player with malaria takes every x interval of time1 (half a heart)

Suggested config,yml editor: Notepad++

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes

Bandage Arachnophobia Cure

Zombie Infection Cure Antibiotics Chicken Noodle Soup

Flower of Purity Malaria Cure

Hover over images with your mouse to see what they are

Why to use this plugin

Why to use this plugin

I've done a bit of research, and from what I've found, there does not seem to be a plugin quite like mine. All plugins I've found have been bleeding effects for mobs, and not for players. I have yet to find another plugin that allows for new danger levels in a Player vs. Environment, AND a Player vs. Player situation. Mine will do exactly that, and give your entire server a new reason to stay inside and sleep at night. But maybe, that's just as dangerous as not going outside

Open Source

Open Source

When this plugin is released and in its later phases, this plugin will be open source and available to improve upon. Please note that just because it will be open source, does not mean I am giving you permission to take my code and claim it as your own. This open source feature will be strictly for improving features I cannot create, or bugs I cannot fix

Bugs, Suggestions and Improvements

Bugs, Suggestions, and Improvements

Perhaps you have an idea for something that should be added? An idea to improve my plugin at all? Or maybe you just have a bug that I couldn't seem to figure out. If you have anything listed above, make a ticket! I get e-mail notifications for when you create a ticket, and I will get to those a lot faster than a comment on my post. That also helps me organize many of the suggestions and bugs I've had in previous versions. Tickets are always preferred over comments, but if you just wanna be nice and rate this plugin based on your usage, feel free to leave a comment instead

Servers Using Player Conditions


This is a list of servers that have the Player Conditions plugin installed. If you would like to try out the plugin before downloading it and putting it on your server, feel free to try it out on one of these. If your server has this plugin installed, leave the IP address in the comment, and I'll add it to the list when I have the chance! - Click Here -

Regards and Notes

Regards and Notes

As a highscool student, I am very busy and will only be able to work on this when time is available to me. I will make this plugin very interesting, and continue updating with as many features as I possibly can. However, eventually I will run out of gas, and not produce any ideas. Leaving a ticket with suggestions for this plugin is always encouraged if you want to keep this project alive. Thank you for all of the support on this plugin, for the very few of you that are supporting it. Numbers don't matter to me, so I'll keep producing content as long as at least one person is downloading this plugin. Enjoy

Social Media:

I have created a Twitter account specifically for development updates and feature sneak peeks for all of my plugins. I will be posting updates about where I'm at on plugin updates, and open to suggestions on this social media website. If you have a Twitter account and would like to get in contact with me, my development Twitter handle is @2008Minecraft It will be full of sneak peeks for you all to drool at until I fully release it. You'll also get tweets every time I publish an update for a plugin, so keep an eye on that as well ;) Social media is not a necessary, but only optional if you want to know a few things before others do

Support a Dev

I work really hard on my projects to try and produce the best updates as I possibly can. As a new and aspiring developer, I am still looking for some means of support for future school endeavors, and getting lessons to code professionally.

If you would like to donate and help support me, that would be very much appreciated. My plugins are not pay-to-play, and donating is simply optional. If you can't support me through monetary means, please feel free to comment instead <3 Anything helps.


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