Now every MineCraft server can track the playtime (current login, daily, weekly, monthly, and all time) for all players with this powerful, full function plugin. With OnTime a “top 10” list can be generated in game, current and total playing statistics can be displayed (also in game), and daily/weekly/monthly reports of all players can be generated and viewed (off line).

Administrators can define OnTime Rewards which will result in econ amounts, items (including enchanted items and potions), item kits, group add/delete, group promotion/demotion, permission grant/denial, command executions, loyalty points, personalized messages, and XP to be automatically issued to a player when they have achieved a specified amount of daily, weekly, monthly, or total playtime on the server.

Rewards can also be issued when players refer other players to the server, voted for the server, played for a specified number of different days, been absent from the server for a specified number of days, shops with their accumulated points or wealth, upon player's death, or they achieve status as a top player. A built in Votifier Listener makes issuing of rewards for web-site voting a snap. Vault is used so OnTime Rewards and permissions are supported by multiple economy and permission plugins.


Don't forget to subscribe to OnTime to make sure you are automatically made aware of OnTime updates,which will give you the link to download the latest version even before it is approved by BukkitDev moderators!

Plugin Notes


Recompiled V4.1.3 using Spigot API for MC 1.9. No other changes or fixes


The new outputs for vote and refer daily, weekly, monthly totals are not automatically added to the "/ontime <player name>" display. If you want to see this data, then you will need to edit the "output.yml" file.


  • The primary purpose of this update was to address some lingering issues with duplicate MySQL records created when a player changed names.
  • In addition to address some base code issues, the "/ontime uuid merge" command was modified to require that one or two player names, or the keyword 'all' be provided when using this command. If a single player name is provided with the command any records with the same UUID as that associated with the provided name will be combined into a single record. The player name associated with that UUID will be the name specified in the command. If 'all' is specified OnTime will merge all records found for each unique UUID..
  • If two player names are specified in the command then records containing those two player names will be merged into a single record, and they will be associated with the second player specified and its UUID.
  • A new configuration parameter has been added to have ontime auto merge duplicate player records for a given UUID, upon the next login of player seen using such UUIDs. It is recommended that this method be used to correct the duplicate record issue over the 'merge' or 'clean' commands.
  • Caution should be taken when the 'ontime uuid replace' and 'ontime uuid merge all' commands are used on systems with large player databases. It may take a very long time for these commands to complete, and should only be run at periods of low player traffic. While these command are running, all OnTime functions will be suspended and players will not receive playtime credit; they will not receive rewards; and votes etc. will not be counted.
  • There are still some significant issues with OnTime working properly when 'multiServerEnable' is set to TRUE. It is recommended that until I get these issued addressed that this OnTime function not be used.


This update fixes issues with duplicate UUID records created when player's change names. This fix will address all future changes but does not directly address the existing duplicates. For this I have extended the "uuid" commands to include an option that will 'merge' the duplicate records into a single record. Please see HERE for more information on the "uuid" command, and specifically the "merge" keyword.

Prior to upgrading to OnTime V4.1.x you MUST have already upgraded to OnTime v3.13.4. Attempting to upgrade from any version prior to V3.13.4 will not properly auto update any of the OnTime YML configuration files. So if you are using any version prior to v3.13.4, load that version first into your plugin directory, restart your server or re-load your plugins, then replace with V4.1.x and do another server restart or plugin reload.


This version of OnTime contains a significant software re-write in order to be compatible with MineCraft V1.8, with support for UUIDs, and changeable player names. This version was fully tested with Spigot/Bukkit v1.8.1, and this will be the primary MIneCraft server base supported. OnTime V4.1.x will NOT WORK with Bukket v1.25 nor Tekkit classic. It should still work with the last Bukkit releases (1.7.2 / 1.7.9 ), but no significant testing has been done with these releases, so servers using those versions are better off using the latest OnTime V3.x release.

The "online tracking" function still DOES NOT WORK properly in a multi-server configuration. If you are using a single OnTime MySQL database to store data from multiple servers, conflicts will arise between the servers, and errors and some server lag may result. Until I can get this corrected, please disable this function on all multi-server systems.

From OnTime/config.yml:

# Enable if Online player status should be tracked in MYSQL Table
onlineTrackingEnable: false

OnTime will automatically modify the contents of your config.yml, playerData.yml, and output.yml when you upgrade from any release previous to v4.1.x. OnTime will put a copy of your current versions of these files into the plugins/OnTime/backup folder prior to this update, so you can revert back if you find the need to downgrade back to an earlier version of OnTime.

Please see the release notes page for additional information about changes that have occurred since your last upgrade.

"ontime.*" Permission Group

In v3.11.0 support for the "ontime.*" wildcard permission was removed. This was causing problems based on how OnTime sometime uses negated permissions. This has been replaced with better defined 'recommended' wildcard permission sets for 'admin', 'moderator', and 'player' roles.

ontime.track Permission

In v3.10.0 a permission string ("ontime.track") was added, which allows admins to enable/disable OnTime tracking of individual players. When this is set to "false" OnTime will not process players upon login, nor will it create OnTime records for new players. This permission is "true" by default, and most permission plugins will pick up this default setting, and server owners will see no change from previous versions of OnTime. But some permission plugins (e.g. bPermissions, others?) do not pick up the default and treat this as "false" for all players, which effectively disables the OnTime plugin. In this case of such permission plugins, the "ontime.track" should be added to the base set of permissions for all groups whose users are to be tracked by OnTime.

Online Support

If I am online you may find me here for IRC

bpermissions plugin compatibility

  • If you are going to use OnTime rewards, make sure that the "groups:" keyword is set to "- all" instead of "- global" when using bPermissions.
  • Make sure to add the permission string "ontime.track" to your base group, or all groups for which you want tracking enabled.

Integration with AFK Terminator

I have an independent plugin "AFKTerminator" that detects and potentially eliminates AFK Machines. An "AFK Machine" allows a player to avoid "AFK" detection through continual movement. See the [|Other Function] page for more details.

Integration with OnSign

There is a second companion plugin for OnTime, which I have named OnSign. OnSign allows players to create MC signs that will show a player's current online/offline status, time of last login/logout, and their daily/weekly/monthly and total scores for playtime, votes, and referrals. With OnSign you can also create signs showing the "top" players for playtime, votes, and referrals. With OnSign v1.3.0 or later OnSign supports signs that interact with the OnTime Shop rewards, allowing players to pick their own rewards by spending Points or 'coins'.

OnSign and OnTime version compatibility

  • OnTime v3.8.1 or earlier will work with OnSign v1.0.0
  • OnTime v3.8.2 - v3.9.0 will work with OnSign v1.1.0
  • OnTime v3.9.1 - v3.10.3 will work with OnSign v1.2.0
  • OnTime v3.11.0 or later will work with OnSign v1.3.0
  • OnTime v4.1.x or later (may work with OnSign v1.3.0 (I have not tested this yet, but it should still be working)

Automated Update Check

OnTime performs an automated check to see if there is a new version of the plugin available for download. It will NOT download new versions, but simply notify the server administrator that one exists via console messages. By default, this function is enabled, but can be disabled by setting "updateCheckEnable" in the OnTime/config.yml to 'false'.


(Items in BOLD are new in the latest 4.1.x release of OnTime)

  • ^Player Statistics
  • Display your own OnTime data: (configurable) plugin default: current login, daily, weekly, monthly, and total time on the server
  • Display anther player's OnTime data: (configurable) plugin default: days since first login, different days on server, current login time, AFK status, AFK time for login, today, week and month; current day, week, and month play time, total OnTime, points accumulated, econ balance, next OnTime reward(s), and voting and referral statistics.
  • Display player's total, daily, weekly, and monthly playtime on a per-world basis, in addition to the standard per-server basis
  • Display all online players’ current session and total time
  • Display ‘top #’ players, ranked by play time
  • Display ‘top #’ players, ranked by total time for the day, week, and month
  • Display 'top #' players, ranked by total points
  • Display 'top #' players who have voted for your server for today, week, month or total
  • Display the 'top # sites' to see where the votes are originating
  • Display the 'top #' players who have referred other players for today, week, month or total
  • Display the 'top #' players who are logging AFK time on your server for today, current week, and current month
  • Display list of players referred by a specified player.


  • Define rewards issued to players for their time played on the server:
  • Cash! (Economy)
  • MineCraft Items
  • Enchanted Items
  • Potions
  • Item sub-types (e.g. Chiseled Stone)
  • MineCraft Item Kits
  • Permission Group Add/Remove
  • Permission Group Promotion/Demotion
  • Give Permissions
  • Take Away Permissions
  • Execute (almost) any command
  • XP (experience points)
  • 'Loyalty' Points
  • Send a message

  • Issue Rewards based on daily, weekly, monthly, or total playtime. For the server, or unique rewards per-world.
  • Define Econ, Item, Command, and XP rewards as recurring or perpetual
  • Define rewards for referring new players to the server
  • Define reward to be issued when a player identifies who referred them.
  • Define rewards to be issued when players vote online for your server (via Votifier)
  • Define rewards to be issued when a player has been absent from the server for a specified number of days
  • Define rewards to be issued when a player dies
  • Define rewards that players can purchase using Points or 'coins'
  • Definition of Individual (or indi) Rewards, which can be issued to a specific player at a specified future time.
  • Issue some rewards to only members of certain permission groups. e.g. donors
  • Issue rewards to the 'top' playtime, points, voting, or referring players daily, weekly, monthly, and/or overall total
  • Give ‘temporary’ rewards such as rank/group memberships or permissions
  • Enable/disable display of 'reward issued' messages to all players
  • Enable/disable display of ‘reward issued’ messages on a per-reward basis
  • Customize displayed ‘reward issued’ message on a per-reward basis
  • Broadcast a message to all Online players when someone else receives a reward. (Good way to advertise rewards issued for voting and referring players.)
  • Display of the next rewards to be issued to all online players
  • Ability to suspend issue of rewards while a player is AFK.
  • Define rewards that are only issued when player is in a specified world
  • Make purchase of a 'shop' reward for a specified player via admin command
  • Make a purchase of a 'shop' reward by a player for themselves


  • Pre-define messages that can be issued to players at login, or based on time
  • Define messages adhoc (on the fly) that can be issued to players at login, or based on time
  • Assign customized messages to be displayed when rewards are issued
  • Send a message to a player based on play time (daily, weekly, monthly, or total play time)
  • Define 'welcome' messages to the player, and server announcements on player's login showing OnTime data
  • Enable/Disable server broadcast announcements per player via permissions node
  • Manage messages set via edit of .yml file or in-game/console add/remove/list commands.

Manipulate a Player's Data

  • Manually add a player to the OnTime database
  • Set a player's total OnTime
  • Set a player's number of different days on server
  • Set a player's first login to the server date
  • Set a player's total points
  • Add or subtract time to/from a player's total OnTime
  • Add or subtract points to/from a player's total points
  • Remove a player from the OnTime data files
  • Configure plugin to exclude players time 'AFK' from total and daily/weekly/monthly calculations
  • Import player names and their total OnTime (play time) data from YML files, OnTime Reports, or LogBlock plugin.

Generate Reports

  • HTML, TXT, and MYSQL Report format options
  • Generate a report file of all players total time and time stamp of last login event
  • Generate a report file of all players time on your server today, for the week, or for the month
  • Generate a report of player's AFK time daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Configure the 'first day of the week' for weekly reports
  • Configure the 'first day of the month' for monthly reports.
  • Auto generation of total, daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Auto purge/delete of old report files/tables you no longer want
  • Generation of an 'OnLine Report' which stores an admin defined set of data for all online players to a MYSQL table

Manage The OnTime Plugin

  • Find missing UUIDs by importing from Mojang's servers
  • Automated detection of the availability of a new version of OnTime
  • Select method for storing the OnTime player data: .yml files (default), or MySQL database
  • Auto-purge inactive or players with low total OnTime from the data files
  • Execute admin defined commands when players are purged from the OnTime data files.
  • Scheduled saves of OnTime data to disk
  • Auto update of all online players data, file save, and data purge on server shutdown/reset
  • 'test’ commands to simulate login/logout events; creating fake OnTime records; test daily reports; test votifier rewards
  • Logging of OnTime auto purge activity, player login and quit events, and reward system events
  • Manual and Automated Generation of Backup versions of OnTime '.dat' files.
  • Import playername and total OnTime data from a .yml file.
  • Importplayername, total OnTime and last login data from the 'logblock plugin' MySQL database.
  • Configure OnTime Report file names and location
  • Administrator defined "help" information that players can easily access.
  • Suspend/Resume all OnTime activity while administering rewards or other OnTime data manipulation
  • Enable/Disable/Configure OnTime LogFile and Console data in game or from the console

Other Plugin Integration

  • Use of Vault for support of multiple economy and permission plugins [REQUIRED]
  • Integration with Vault Permissions for group changes and permissions add
  • Import playername, total OnTime and last login data from the 'logblock plugin' MySQL database.
  • Issue rewards when players vote for you server on website which also support Votifier.
  • Integration with "AfkTerminator" for discounting time spent AFK while using an AFK Machine
  • Integration with OnSign, to display player information, top players, build Reward shop, all on user defined signs.
  • API: OnTime offers an APIto allow other plugin integration with access to OnTime's collected data for player's time on the server, votes, and referrals.
  • Execute other plugin console commands when players are auto-purged by OnTime

Please see the pages for permissions, configuration, commands, etc.


  1. Place ontime.jar in your plugin folder
  2. Download vault.jar and place that also in your plugin folder
  3. (Option) Download a Vault supported permissions plugin and place that in your plugin folder
  4. (Option) Download and install the AFKTerminator plugin
  5. (Option) Download and install the OnSign plugin
  6. (Option) Download and install the votifier plugin
  7. Modify permissions groups to enable OnTime functions. (click here for permission nodes)
  8. Reset your server

    If the optional Permissions plugin is installed:
  9. Edit /plugin/ontime/rewards.yml, listing the permissions groups from lowest to highest under the 'groups:' keyword

    If the optional commands rewards are to be used:
  10. Edit /plugin/ontime/rewards.yml, defining the commands that can be 'rewarded' under the 'commands:' keyword

    If the optional 'kit' rewards are to be used:
  11. Edit /plugin/ontime/rewards.yml, defining the kits that can be 'rewarded' under the 'kits:' keyword

    If the optional MySQL database is to be used to maintain the player data:
  12. Edit the /plugin/ontime/config.yml, enabling the use of mysql and setting up the definition of the MySQL database.

    If the you want to change the output the plugin sends a player:
  13. Edit /plugin/ontime/output.yml, following the instructions found in that file.

    If the optional OnTime Messages is to be used to displayed timed messages to players:
  14. Edit the /plugin/ontime/messages.yml, to add any pre-defined messages you need. (editing this file is not required to use this feature.)

  15. If the config.yml, output.yml and/or rewards.yml have been modified, then you must reload this data with the command "/ontime reload all"

Future Enhancements Under Consideration

  • See BukkitDev Tickets tab for OnTime

Feature Requests:

If you want to request a feature to be added to this plugin, or you think any of the above should be given a higher priority, please submit a ticket or vote for existing ones.

Please Leave Comments

I'd love to hear what you think (good and bad) about this plugin. It will help me know if it's worth keeping up on the maintenance. Thanks. Edge

Change Log

For a more detailed change log, see here.


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.9; Java8; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Recompiled V4.1.3 using Spigot API for MC 1.9. No other changes or fixes


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed problem with "indi" rewards info listing time as "9999 days" instead of "(individual)" in reward info display (Ticket #543)
  • Fixed issue where votifier rewards could end up with a 9999 day delay, if redefined from an indi to votifier reward (Ticket #543)
  • Fixed lingering issue with race condition between login and changeWorld events on servers with dedicated 'spawn' worlds. (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added ability to display daily, weekly, and monthly totals for votes and referrals to the "/ontime <player name>" output. (Ticket #541)
New Output Variables
  • [dailyVotes] - Display a players vote total for the current day
  • [weeklyVotes] - Display a player's vote total for the current week
  • [monthlyVotes] - Display a player's vote total for the current month
  • [dailyRerfer] - Display a players referral total for the current day
  • [weeklyRefer] - Display a player's referral total for the current week
  • [monthlyRefer] - Display a player's referral total for the current month


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Addressed additional issues with duplicate UUID records created when players change names (Tickets #537, 539)
  • Fixed issue where race condition could happen between change-world and join player events on servers with 'spawn' worlds. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with "multiServerName" set to invalid value by OnTime autoupgrade (Ticket #536)
Functional Enhancements
  • Expanded "uuid" command to support merging of specified player records
  • Added auto merge function, to take care of merging player records (same UUID different player name) on login (MySQL only)
  • Updated API for compatibility with new v2.0.0 of OnSign
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • uuidMergeEnable: (Default False) - If 'true' OnTime will automatically merge player records if there are multiple records for a single UUID but different player names.
Modified Commands
  • ontime uuid [merge] <playername 1> {<playername 2>}

Merges player records to create a single record. Valid for both MySQL and YML dataStorage

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • None


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Addressed issue with duplicate UUID records created when players change names (Ticket #537)
  • Fixed issue with daily report SQL syntax error (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with online report NPE when logging enabled at level 1 (No Ticket)
  • Addressed issue where player's total time could not be set to zero, and where current login time was always added to any set value. (Ticket #534)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added new 'uuid' command that merges multiple UUID records into a single record (sums times, picks oldest first login, newest playerName, etc.)
  • Added support for negative econ (a.k.a. tax) reward (Ticket # 532)
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • None
New Commands
  • ontime uuid [merge]

Helps manage UUIDs in the OnTime database. Merges duplicated UUID records, into a single record.

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • Rewards: tax - This output is used when negative econ (a.k.a a tax) is imposed on a player


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • OnTime's config.yml has been restructured to make it easier to find elements within (No Ticket)
  • Fixed output backup function which was not working previously (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue where players added with "/ontime add player" command were auto-purged on start of next new day. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed MySQL 'backup' methodolgy (No Ticket)
  • Fixed 'Help' file processing that generated errors in OnTime logfile during at plugin startup (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • UUID Support (Phase II)
  • UUIDs missing for players already in the OnTime database, can be imported from Mojang if available
  • UUIDs are now used to distinguish players
  • If a player changes names, the new name will be auto associated with the UUID, no playtime etc. will be lost
  • If a player tries to login with a player name already associated with a UUID found in the OnTime database, the new UUID will not be tracked. This will prevent confusion in the server of having two players with the same player name (at least from an OnTime perspective)
  • Command added to help manage UUIDs in OnTime's database
  • Added per-world tracking and rewards.
  • The time a player spends in each world on the server is now tracked in addition to the total time spent on the server. This includes total, daily, weekly, and monthly times.
  • Per-world rewards are improved because it is based on the time spent in the world, not just issued in a particular world based on total server time.
  • Improved "AFK" with instant detection when back from AFK
  • Removed requirement that a space " " be inserted in some configurable output strings
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • MySQL:multiServerTable - Default = ontime_multiserver
  • perWorldEnable - Default: false
New Commands
  • ontime <other> <worldname>/[ALL] - see player's time in a particular world, or for all worlds
  • ontime uuid [CLEAN | FIND | PURGE | REPLACE]

Helps manage UUIDs in the OnTime database. (Please read command details before using these as records could be lost unintentionally)

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • dateNotAavailabe: Used when a date/time piece of data is not found.


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