OnTime V4.1.4


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    Mar 8, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9



Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.9; Java8; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Recompiled V4.1.3 using Spigot API for MC 1.9. No other changes or fixes


Recompiled V4.1.3 using Spigot API for MC 1.9. No other changes or fixes


The new outputs for vote and refer daily, weekly, monthly totals are not automatically added to the "/ontime <player name>" display. If you want to see this data, then you will need to edit the "output.yml" file.


  • The primary purpose of this update was to address some lingering issues with duplicate MySQL records created when a player changed names.
  • In addition to address some base code issues, the "/ontime uuid merge" command was modified to require that one or two player names, or the keyword 'all' be provided when using this command. If a single player name is provided with the command any records with the same UUID as that associated with the provided name will be combined into a single record. The player name associated with that UUID will be the name specified in the command. If 'all' is specified OnTime will merge all records found for each unique UUID..
  • If two player names are specified in the command then records containing those two player names will be merged into a single record, and they will be associated with the second player specified and its UUID.
  • A new configuration parameter has been added to have ontime auto merge duplicate player records for a given UUID, upon the next login of player seen using such UUIDs. It is recommended that this method be used to correct the duplicate record issue over the 'merge' or 'clean' commands.
  • Caution should be taken when the 'ontime uuid replace' and 'ontime uuid merge all' commands are used on systems with large player databases. It may take a very long time for these commands to complete, and should only be run at periods of low player traffic. While these command are running, all OnTime functions will be suspended and players will not receive playtime credit; they will not receive rewards; and votes etc. will not be counted.
  • There are still some significant issues with OnTime working properly when 'multiServerEnable' is set to TRUE. It is recommended that until I get these issued addressed that this OnTime function not be used.