OBOLE works like a charm under Bukkit/Spigot 1.7.10 ! \o/

Obole is a donation plugin based on Donator made by chaseoes, and works with Paypal IPN.
Donators receive their perks immediatly after donation OR when they execute a command.
Config what you want.


  • Setup multiple packages and define a list of commands for each.
  • Ability to define an amount of time in which the package will "expire".
  • Obole check database everytime you want ( configuration ) if you receive a donation ( IPN )
  • Players do not have to be online when donating, commands could be execute immediatly after donation
  • OR you could waiting that the player execute command /ob get to receive perks ( ideal for full inventory )
  • open source - you have full control over the plugin.
  • Secure.
  • Define a wall of donator with a wand
  • A switchable sandbox mode to test your configuration ( ipn.php and config.yml )
  • Debug mode
  • Translate in English and French


  • mysql database
  • a premium or business paypal account
  • webserver or webhosting that support PHP
  • a minecraft server \o/

Permissions & commands

When a player make a donation, Paypal send immediatly a notification to the ipn.php that you define in your Paypal account ( premium or business ) Obole check

  • To get perks just type /ob get

You can also directly type /ob get accepted, (the first command is just a prevention to ensure that you have free space in your inventory)

/ob getto get your rewardsobole.get
/ob get acceptget the rewardsobole.get.accept
/ob recentsee the recent donationsobole.recent
/ob check <id>View the details of a donationobole.check
/ob checkplayer <player>view details of a playerobole.check
/ob setwallGet the wand (golden axe) to define the donator wallobole.setwall
/ob reloadreload pluginobole.reload


Usefull Links

Our other plugins

  • Deposite - save custom inventories or chests in a MySQL database, and restore it.
  • CmdToRedstone - activate button and lever with command.
  • Salary - pay salaries to your player's group via a permission, by day of week or day of month.



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