NoRegionCamping – for Bukkit 1.7.2

Configurable commands & WorldGuard regions access blocking for PvP.



Are you tired of PvP camping in spawn and killing new users? Do you want to stop people from running back to WorldGuard pvp-free regions while fighting? Have all other plugins fail to meet your expectations, gone forgotten or not updated?

I was! After shortcomings of similar plugins like CombatTag, CombatLog and others I’ve decided to write my own plugin to reward players of my Survival server with high quality PvP experience free of campers, runners and loggers.


  • PvP fighting players can’t run back to WorldGuard region (configurable regions!)
  • PvP fighting players get warning message when starting and finishing a fight (configurable messages!)
  • PvP fighting players can’t use given commands ex. /spawn, /home, /tp (add your own in config!)
  • Adjustable PvP fight time (configurable in seconds!)
  • Players logging off while PvP fighting getting killed and whole server get’s broadcasted message that they’re lame (configurable!)
  • Language support
  • Configurable messages colours


/amifighting | Tells are you at PvP fight and is it safe to log off

/af | Shorthand for /amifighting



  1. Download and install ‘WorldGuard’ plugin
  2. Download and install ‘WorldGuard Region Events’ plugin
  3. Download and install (placing in /plugins directory) NoRegionCamping plugin
  4. Restart server or load plugin from console (using your favourite plugin manager) to generate default config



  # is this plugin enabled
  enabled: true

  # time of PvP fight in seconds (1 second = ~20 server ticks)
  fightTime: 20

  # kill if player during PvP fight leaves game
  killLoggers: false

  # if player is logged out from PvP fight do we want to broadcast that to all other players? (works only if ‘killLoggers: true’
  broadcastThatPlayerIsPvPLogger: true

  # list of regions that PvP fighting players can’t access 
  - spawn
  - creative

  # list of commands that will be blocked for PvP fighting players
  - /s
  - /spawn
  - /tp
  - /tpa
  - /w
  - /warp
  - /v
  - /vanish


  # color code for all plugin’s messages, default ‘d’ is for Light Purple. Find all color-codes at – ex. 6 = gold, c = red
    color: d

  # should players fighting between each other get message about fight start
    stillFighting: true

  # should players fighting between each other get message about fight finish
    endOfFight: true

  # messages, pretty straight forward
    stillFighting: You're fighting, can't let you in fight-free region!
    endOfFight: Fight is finished, you're now free to visit fight-free regions.
    commandCanceled: You're fighting, can't let you use that command!
    amIFightingTrueKillLoggersOff: You're fighting right now!
    amIFightingTrueKillLoggersOn: You're fighting right now! Don't log off or you'll die!
    amIFightingFalse: You're not fighting and can log off safely.

  # %s is for player name and is required
    broadcastPvPLogger: '%s logged out while PvP fighting and he will wake up dead.'

Found a bug? Want to request a new feature?

Report it here

Planned features

(in no order)

  • configurable /af command alias (/a for even shorter usage? Or maybe /ct - players wount even notice switching from CobatTag :-))
  • real language support (language files)
  • multiple colors in messages
  • permissions for admins, as now they are hooked to fight even on vanish and can die on logout like any other player
  • permissions for players, like confiugrable fighting time for each group/user
  • Factions, PreciousStones, GriefPrevention, Towny support

Want to contribute or look at code?

NoRegionCamping on GitHub

Code and solutions under BSD Licence. Originally developed for Polish Survival server


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