1-1-2014 - Updated to v1.90.4

  • Fixed 1.7.2 support (mainly BKC-related)
  • Fixed method deprecation (block.getTypeId -> block.getType)

13-10-2013 - Updated to v1.90.3

  • Added ability of setting per-player view distance limits
  • Fixed examiner task execution counter not resetting before examine start
  • Added lag-triggered command execution (as requested)

16-8-2013 - Updated to v1.90.2

  • Added backwards support for 1.5.2 using BKCommonLib 1.54-REVISITED
  • Fixed examiner error (getEvent not found) due to Bukkit API change

7-8-2013 - Updated to v1.90.1

  • Fixed issue with spawnfix (patches) causing placement glitches of the newly added leash
  • Fixed issue with /lag fixworld where it wouldn't find just-generated chunks (newly created worlds)
  • Fixed problem with saving component using outdated logic, causing strange bugs elsewhere
  • Added support for the 1.6.2 Spigot Anti-Xray logic

10-7-2013 - Updated to v1.90.0

  • Compatibility for BKCommonLib: moves to new timings listener
  • Spawn limiter performance improvements to reduce memory strain
  • Added event cancel count measurement for examiner
  • Fixed chunk sending antiloader functionality
  • No longer crashes everything when one component fails to load
  • Clearing TNT works again
  • Added tick-rate triggered automatic examining
  • Added clean command to unload chunks, save the server and garbage-collect memory

12-5-2013 - Updated to v1.89.9

  • Spigot compatibility for packet buffer/queue size
  • Fixed the non-interactable entities issue
  • Support for citizens (no longer show up as players)
  • Some compatibility changes for CB 1.5.1/1.5.2
  • Addition of the 'spawn packet' patch to fix minecarts/mobs spawning with an offset
  • The clear command now supports a radius to be passed in
  • Clear command support for minecarts added to clear all minecarts
  • Slight performance enhancements using newly added Bukkit methods
  • Examine output file folder is now configurable

9-3-2013 - Updated to v1.89.8

  • Rewritten lighting fixer to be more efficient, consume less memory and provide better results in general
  • World lighting fixing no longer causes memory issues
  • Added support for Spigot in NoLagg chunks
  • Rewritten and improved several things to use methods in BKCommonLib
  • Added /lag resend command - also resends all entities around a player (to fix or check for glitched entities)

24-12-2012 - Updated to v1.89.2

  • Compatibility update for MC 1.4.5 R1.0
  • BKCommonLib update: NMS code removal and replacing
  • Fixed TNT radius being too big
  • Fixed entities not being instantly sent when sending chunks
  • Update for Orebfuscator

25-11-2012 - Updated to v1.89.1

  • Compatibility update for MC 1.4.4/5
  • Fixed item stacking causing item respawns endlessly even if max was reached
  • Added minecarts and boats to the default 'all' clear shortcut
  • Added the default (no-arg) clear shortcut
  • Chunk compression fixed, no longer send too much data, empty chunk fix from CB
  • Removed unused 'times' from monitored output
  • Fixed broken TNT feature when chunks unload
  • Uses latest BKCommonLib, don't forget to update!

10-11-2012 - Updated to v1.89.0

  • Compatibility updates for 1.4/Spigot and newest BKCommonLib
  • Required to fix all the errors related to 'chunks/unloadQueue field not found'
  • Put the chunk loading task in a properly named class so it makes sense in the examiner

29-10-2012 - Updated to v1.88.9

  • Compatibility updates for 1.4 and newest BKCommonLib
  • Lighting optimized and now also works for entire worlds
  • A few bugfixes related to the spawn limiter and clearing

21-10-2012 - Updated to v1.88.8

  • Performance improvements in the examine component and viewer (also 1/10 of duration bug is fixed)
  • Item stacker redesigned - fixes glitched items and duplicates
  • Chunks component teleport and player movement is synched (fixes possible missing chunks)
  • Spawn limiter by default disabled (prevents entities being wiped for starters)
  • Added max examine time to prevent OutOfMemory problems (default 1 hour)
  • Added configurable new chunk sending mode: SPIRAL as opposed to the default SLOPE
  • Examiner can now examine chunk unload durations (including saving)
  • Updated to work for BKCommonLib v1.32 (don't forget to update!)

9-10-2012 - Updated to v1.88.7

  • Fixed the 0,0 chunk hole when changing worlds or respawning
  • Cleanup of the thread checker and some other minor improvements
  • Clear command can now remove the same entities as the spawn limiter can (such as itemwood)
  • Chunk saving is no longer freezing the server like it did before
  • Item stacker no longer sets items dead async

3-10-2012 - Updated to v1.88.6

  • Fixed the spawn limiter and added forced removal in chunks configuration
  • Made the cross-thread checker a component which you can now disable
  • Fix in the chunks component to prevent the double sending of chunks that was occurring since 1.3.2
  • Fix for the dummy world being exposed (it shouldn't)
  • Fix for the thread lock notifier showing an error when there is a plugin that has no package path

24-9-2012 - Updated to v1.88.5

  • Compatibility updates for newest BKCommonLib
  • Performance improvements in the item stacker and spawn limiter

22-9-2012 - Updated to v1.88.4

  • Fixed item stacker removing items from the world twice
  • Improved Spawn Limiter to stop deleting entities from loaded chunks
  • Improved Spawn Limiter to store Entity Ids instead of entities to prevent glitches
  • Compatibility updates for BKCommonLib (fields have been moved as well)
  • Probably fixes the item drop problem (couldn't reproduce it after)

5-9-2012 - Updated to v1.88.3

  • Fixed chunk hole at [0, 0]
  • Fixed auto saving tick lag
  • Fixed random error
  • Several other general bug fixes

2-9-2012 - Updated to v1.88.2

  • Fixed items not properly updating in item buffer/stacker
  • Made minor tweak in regards to chunk sending

27-8-2012 - Updated to v1.88.1

  • Fixed NPE in examiner
  • Improved thread lock checker

25-8-2012 - Updated to v1.88

  • Fixed compatibility issues with CB 1.3.2 R0.1
  • Now requires BKCommonLib 1.24

23-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87.5

  • Added examine viewer export function
  • Added fd valid check
  • Fixed void-hole (possibly)
  • Removed chunk iter from BKCommonLib

22-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87.4

  • Added examiner export function
  • Fixed saving region file errors

16-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87.3

  • Fixed examining listeners showing up in errors caused by other plugins
  • Fixed spawn limiting eggs
  • Fixed lighting component continuously erasing block light
  • Fixed thread lock notifier reporting stuff while enabling plugins and worlds

8-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87.2

  • Fixed lighting and blocks not updating
  • Several other bug fixes
  • Now requires BKCommonLib 1.23

8-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87.1

  • Bug fix for block changes not being sent

7-8-2012 - Updated to v1.87

  • Compatibility update for 1.3.1 and Orebfuscator
  • Fixes related to the chunks component

3-7-2012 - Updated to v1.86

  • Added view distance read-out
  • On/off setting in configuration
  • Some small error preventions

30-6-2012 - Updated to v1.85

  • Added dynamic view distance and chunk loading
  • fixed some of the reported bugs/errors

8-5-2012 - Updated to v1.84

  • Fixed several bugs in the spawn limiter and item buffer (entity listening bugs)

4-5-2012 - Updated to v1.83

  • Major rewrite to have all of the components in one Jar file again
  • Item buffer / Spawn limiter performance and bug fixes
  • Examine viewer improved to have more functionality (menu, new hierarchical view)
  • Rewrote a possible other bugfixes too.

31-3-2012 - Updated to v1.82

  • Fixed compatibility for CB 1.2.4

21-3-2012 - Updated to v1.80

  • Several attempts at fixing a possible chunk unload memory issues in NoLaggItemBuffer (weird?)
  • Examine component got some more checks to prevent player disconnects when loading chunks (was constantly reading from it)

18-3-2012 - Updated to v1.79

  • Fixed world meta data obtaining player managers too soon
  • Re-upload of BKCommonLib which fixes some disable issues

15-3-2012 - Updated to v1.78

  • General check-up for CB 2060 (MC 1.2.3 02)
  • Examiner now examines server chunk provider (chunk load and generate times)
  • Main NoLagg no longer causes all commands to be disabled
  • BKCommonLib had some classloader-compat. updates; NoLagg uses the updated functions
  • NoLagg should now properly ignore items from Showcase and BleedingMobs and others again

11-3-2012 - Updated to v1.77

  • NoLagg now uses a faster routine to check if players are nearby a chunk
  • NoLaggChunks can now disable the buffered packet loader
  • NoLaggExamine coloring improved and file name fixed
  • New BKCommonLib fixes some class-loader issues

9-3-2012 - Updated to v1.76

  • Item stacker now a separate component plugin
  • Performance of both NoLagg and the item stacker significantly improved
  • Lighting fixer no longer performs precious re-calculations when fixing (took too long)
  • Fixed compatibility with Orebfuscator

7-3-2012 - Updated to v1.75

  • Monitor (stats, memory, monitor and logger) now in a separate plugin
  • Fixed some issues in the BKCommonLib regarding the new Bukkit class loader
  • CB Build check removed
  • Reload command now reloads all components
  • Version command now logs the version of all components
  • Some fixes in the exam viewer (wasn't properly counting tasks)

5-3-2012 - Updated to v1.74

  • All features pretty much separated (item stacking a TODO)
  • Examine tool separate and merged with viewer, and improved
  • Chunks add-on compatibility for Orebfuscator restored

2-3-2012 - Updated to v1.71

  • Compatibility update for R6 build 1988

29-2-2012 - Updated to v1.69

  • Fixed the configuration issues in NoLaggTNT/Chunks
  • NoLagg now properly enabled without NoLaggTNT installed

28-2-2012 - Updated to v1.68

  • Several bug fixes (spawn limits properly disabled)
  • TNT and chunk sending features are now in separate plugins

18-2-2012 - Updated to v1.65

  • Added examination tool + graphical display
  • Upped max allowed CB version...

10-2-2012 - Updated to v1.63

  • A re-upload to update the BKCommonLib dependency
  • Now has a proper installation 'readme'
  • Has some stock code for a plugin performance monitor, but not yet fully implemented

6-2-2012 - Updated to v1.62

  • /1: Fixed all items being ignored (logic fail)
  • /2: Tweaked the item stacker to use up less temporary memory (it was creating lots of Location objects before)

4-2-2012 - Updated to v1.60

  • Now uses my new library: BKCommonLib
  • Several bug fixes and tweaks in the chunk sender
  • TNT block change off now compatible with logging plugins like LogBlock
  • Spawn limiter now strips loaded chunks of out-of-bounds mobs

1-2-2012 - Updated to v1.59

  • TNT handling coding improved + added crater factor modifier in configuration
  • Compatibility update for RB 3 (1846)

31-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.9

  • Buffered chunk loader removed
  • TNT handling coding improved

26-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.8

  • Added NPE checks when sending packets
  • Now dereferences Bukkit chunks when chunks unload (prevents Blocks changing chunk source)
  • Separate trigger rate is added to help clients render the chunks
  • Re-enabled the 'trigger' system
  • Fixed some issues in the chunk coordinate sorting code: it is improved some more
  • (- One class is now used for all coordinate sorting
  • Added support for 'ore to client obfuscation'
  • Added try-catch blocks around Obfuscation plugin calls and auto-disabling
  • Now buffers out chunks when players first join (it sent chunks nearby twice before)
  • Fixed synchronization issue when monitoring the Data Pools

25-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.6

  • Fixed pretty severe issues in the chunk lighting fixer
  • Of which: chunk teleportation, async chunk loading, chunk corruption and chunk stone->air conversions
  • Now uses 1.1 new event system
  • Chunk sending queue sorting is now faster (less tick rate drop, if any)
  • Fixed a NPE in the Item respawn function
  • Now properly counts spawns when cancelled by other plugins (both LOWEST and MONITOR listeners are used)

23-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.4

  • Fixed the slow chunk sending issue (2x)
  • Greatly improves stability of the sending rate, connection adjustment
  • Fixes several threads-not-stopping issues
  • Fixes NPE's occurring when disabling this plugin inappropriately
  • No longer sends buffered packets through Spout (prevent corruption)
  • Performance monitor improved

21-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.2

  • Several bug fixes:
  • Packet high->low priority
  • Memory and sent percentage indicator fixed
  • Packet buffer size fixed when running Spout

20-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58.1

  • Fixes the overflow error (misbehaviour of the chunk sender)
  • Re-enabled the 'auto fix lighting' configuration property
  • No longer sends chunks twice when lighting is fixed of just-generated chunks
  • Chunk compressing and chunk sending is now separated between multiple synchronized queues
  • No longer possible to use 0 thread count: I need at least one thread to compress the chunks

18-1-2012 - Updated to v1.58

  • Fixed several errors occurring (Spout, performance monitor)
  • Now limits falling blocks (entities/entity spawning)
  • Minor tweaks in the threaded chunk sender (shorter idle time, possible to use 0 threads (all on main thread))
  • Fixed configuration bug

18-1-2012 - Updated to v1.57.9

  • Buffered chunk loader now clears wrongly stored entities from chunks
  • Added multi-threaded chunk packet compression feature
  • Added better support for Spouts packet listener
  • Reduced the amount of memory used for chunk packets
  • Compatibility updates to cb#1781

15-1-2012 - Updated to v1.57.6

  • A lot of fixes in the buffered chunk loader to fix chunk corruption
  • Compatibility updates to cb#1769

13-1-2012 - Updated to v1.57

  • /1.56.6: Async chunk saving removed, buffered chunk loader more secure
  • /7: compatibility update for CB 1718

12-1-2012 - Updated to v1.56.4

  • Several bug fixes around the chunk loader (especially the buffered NBT tag list was an issue)
  • /5: Added configuration option to disable the buffered chunk loader

9-1-2012 - Updated to v1.56.

  • Now buffers chunk data just like packets, reducing memory and cpu load when loading chunks rapidly
  • Now async-saves chunks even if the save is caused by other plugins
  • Now implements a custom chunk region loader to achieve the above
  • Now fixes lighting cross-chunks (first checks if the chunk is loaded)
  • Now possible to log/monitor the chunk memory size
  • Added /nolagg gc command to make memory benchmarks
  • Added chunk unload time-out to prevent chunks unloading too often when the event is cancelled
  • A lot of debugging
  • /1: Fixed cross-thread issue in data pool

30-12-2011 - Updated to v1.54.8.

  • Another stack forming fix *multiple of them (...)
  • Now properly unloads chunks again (it thought that some far-away chunks were spawn chunks too)
  • Now properly overrides the Spout chunk sending system

29-12-2011 - Updated to v1.54.4.

  • Stack forming bug fix
  • Added back support for Ore obfuscator
  • Fixed entity list concurrent mod. exception occuring when auto-saving

28-12-2011 - Updated to v1.54.1.

  • HUGE performance update:
  • Added chunk packet buffer
  • Improved chunk sending queue
  • Stack former tick lag greatly reduced (separate thread)
  • Spawn limiter uses less hashmaps: faster updating
  • Performance monitor more advanced
  • /1: Fix for the stack former.

27-12-2011 - Updated to v1.53.4.

  • Improved lighting fixes (also for bugged lighting e.g. trees decaying)
  • Now monitoring update time information

24-12-2011 - Updated to v1.53.3.

  • No longer spams the log/console with endless synchronized warnings
  • Removed the exceptions for synchronized warnings
  • No longer loads chunks from another thread when fixing lighting
  • Several synchronization changes: WorldMetaData and Chunk sending queue
  • No longer causes concurrent modification exceptions every second (unloading chunks)

22-12-2011 - Updated to v1.53.2.

  • No longer causes NPE on shutdown for world meta data
  • Now correctly stacks potions
  • Configuration issue has been resolved
  • Fixed death animation getting skipped

21-12-2011 - Updated to v1.53.1.

  • Added option to enable/disable the thread checker
  • '0-amount' item stack fix
  • No longer 'throws' an error, only logs them. (throwing an error was futile and only made people believe Nolagg was the cause -.-)

17-12-2011 - Updated to v1.53.

  • Added block listener for cross-thread checks
  • Removed the hashmap iterator in the World meta data update routine
  • Removed the increase bit in the chunk send queue (max rate already deals with that)

15-12-2011 - Updated to v1.52.7.

  • Added Thread-safe protection for most events
  • Some bugfixes in the meta data
  • /8: Some anti-spam measurements for the Thread-safe protection have been added
  • /9: Yet another huge batch of bug fixes...

13-12-2011 - Updated to v1.52.6.

  • Now stores chunk/world information at one central spot to prevent memory leaks
  • Now prevents tnts exploding above the surface from breaking blocks at bedrock level (smart system)
  • Some more synchronization fixes for the chunk send queue (if the impossible happens, it will show a descriptive message in the log to what happened)
  • Better chunk unload system using the system described all on top
  • Now shows the amount of chunks generated in the log/monitored output in yellow
  • Faster chunk save processing to prevent overflows (was performing a 1 sec delay for every 200 operations)

10-12-2011 - Updated to v1.52.4.

  • Some concurrency error fixing in the chunk sending bit
  • Now fights the 'fetching removed entity add packet' message logged in the console
  • Added chunk sending status read-out when monitoring

5-12-2011 - Updated to v1.52.2.

  • Now tries to calculate the player connection and adjust the chunk send rate based on that
  • /3: Some bug fixes

4-12-2011 - Updated to v1.52.1.

  • Fixed several issues with NoLaggChunks by completely removing it >:)
  • NoLaggChunks' features are now included in NoLagg
  • Way better chunk sending features are now working
  • /1: Fix to properly fire a chunk unload event when unloading chunks

28-11-2011 - Updated to v1.50.

  • Official upload for MC server 1.00
  • Fixed some issues with the Dummy world loading chunks
  • Teleporting in onPlayerMove now works with NoLaggChunks (no missing chunks)
  • /1: Compatibility update for BleedingMobs and some bug fixes
  • /2 & 3 & 4: Several bugfixes

18-11-2011 - Updated to v1.49.

  • Fixed a lot of bugs occuring in 1.48
  • Now performs 100% working lighting fixes - as soon chunks are generated lighting issues are gone
  • Removed the 'memory is low' message
  • .1: Fixed signs not showing text, NPE when setting trigger block change packet, stacking when spawning items
  • .2: Some memory fixes for NoLaggChunks

15-11-2011 - Updated to v1.48.

  • Fixed sign/chest wipe bug caused by 1.47s new chunk entity clearing code
  • Reduced CPU usage when stacking items/orbs and handling spawned entities some more (list storage)
  • Fix to prevent ghost entities hanging around (once again)
  • NoLaggChunks has it's own thread and own packet compression - a lot smoother now
  • Sends out a single block to trigger the client to display a chunk (prevents transparent chunks)

14-11-2011 - Updated to v1.47.

  • Added chunk lighting fixing mechanics
  • Reduced CPU usage when stacking items/orbs and handling spawned entities
  • Fix to prevent ghost entities hanging around (fixed detachment of chunk)
  • A lot of smaller fixes to enhance performance

13-11-2011 - Updated to v1.46.

  • Will continue sending the right chunks during reloads. (a.k.a. fix for Spout)
  • Now correctly sends tile entity information on startup as well
  • Removed the comparator part in the chunk sending code (compat. for Java 7)
  • Queues vehicle and mob spawn packets: no more floating mobs
  • General update to make people aware of the new version (hehe)
  • Now fixes the auto-save world intervals during every async auto-save. (compat. for PTweaks)
  • Changed the console message when monitoring (was opposite, thanks ewized)

12-11-2011 - Updated to v1.45.

  • Some fixes for the chunk unload and async saving features
  • Added performance monitor and logger
  • Fixed the overflow of chunks getting queued for saving (was causing steady memory leak and high CPU usage)

8-11-2011 - Updated to v1.44.

  • Added async chunk saving feature, which greatly reduces tick lag. (which was caused by the unload delay before)
  • Mobs are now correctly removed. The oldest mobs are not removed for new spawns. (that looked kinda odd)

7-11-2011 - Updated to v1.43.

  • Added support for Showcase again
  • Unload delay now works properly

6-11-2011 - Updated to v1.42.

  • Improved stacking algorithm (less entity loops)
  • Chunk unload delay no longer uses player move to 'touch' chunks
  • TNT handler fixed again, but doesn't spawn tnt block drops in 1.9 prerelease
  • ItemHandler no longer causes NPEs on shutdown
  • Item dupe issue has been resolved
  • Added item stacking threshold as requested (it was now feasible)

4-11-2011 - Updated to v1.41.

  • Added some memory-leak-fighting coding
  • No longer loads nearby chunks in onPlayerMove

29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.40.

  • Improved clear command (now allows you to clear any entity)
  • Changed default auto-save interval back to 40 ticks

29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.39.

  • Several bug fixes

29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.35/6.

  • Update to use the new File configuration system
  • /06: Added support for the Showcase plugin

22-10-2011 - Updated to v1.33/4.

  • Added stack forming radius setting
  • Reversed entity removal in the spawn handler: old entities are removed first
  • Minor change in the unload delay coding; larger view distance
  • /4: Removed the add-on (was buggy)
  • /4: Minor change to the chunk unload feature: touch chunks on enable

15-10-2011 - Updated to v1.32.

  • Backwards compatibility update: changes exception to throwable
  • Made fire and air part of 'denied' explosion affected blocks.

13-10-2011 - Updated to v1.31.

  • Fixed the 'players near chunk' checker (was only comparing x-coordinate)

9-10-2011 - Updated to v1.30.

  • Increased the player chunk radius in an attempt to fix the unload delay

8-10-2011 - Updated to v1.28/9.

  • Made orb combining part of 'item stack forming' and uses same interval
  • Added additional properties to toggle sections of this plugin on or off more easily.
  • /9: Updated and re-released the greatly enhanced Chunks add-on

5-10-2011 - Updated to v1.27.

  • rebuilt against CB#1240
  • fixed one bug in the spawn limiter (didn't reset)
  • removed some failing functions (will be ported to the chunk add-on)

3-10-2011 - Updated to v1.26.

  • yet another 'missing chunk' prevention update
  • tweaked the explosion handling a bit to use explosions per tick instead of per second
  • explosion performed 1 tick after the event. Other plugins can still monitor explosions now, and see the blocks before the explosion. (Logblock compatibility)
  • spawnhandler slightly improved: wasn't properly handling creaturespawn.

2-10-2011 - Updated to v1.24/5.

  • Tweaked the chunk sending a bit more
  • /5: Made chunk sending part Async with synchronized fields
  • /5: Made sure packets are not null before sending
  • /5: Combined send rate and interval in one property

30-9-2011 - Updated to v1.22/3.

  • Split the plugin into a main and an add-on to remain Spout-free-compatible
  • /3: Improved chunk alghorithm, added 'prechunk' packet (may fix some issues)
  • /3: Changed default interval to 5 ticks
  • /3: Exchanged some code: You can load chunks by clicking there without the add-on needed

29-9-2011 - Updated to v1.21.

  • Implemented Spout packet handler to improve packet sending
  • When player changes chunks the chunk below him is 'sent'
  • Only using left click you can target a chunk to be sent. Does not fire when clicking a block.

28-9-2011 - Updated to v1.2.

  • Spawn restrictions for creatures only apply for naturally/spawner spawned creatures
  • Added experimental pre-chunk sending system

27-9-2011 - Updated to v1.18/9.

  • Fixed NPE (conc. modif. exc.) occuring when disabling/reloading
  • Turned chunk handler around to unload chunks properly.
  • Fixed item duplication bug (stack former was battling item limits)
  • Added global spawn limits and improved spawn limits

24-9-2011 - Updated to v1.17.

  • Fixed a possible memory leak (unloaded chunks were kept in a HashMap)

22-9-2011 - Updated to v1.14/5/6.

  • Fixed item duplication bug when forming stacks
  • Re-built against CB#1185
  • Moved some code for explosions around
  • 1.15: Changed the orb combine task to Sync, Async error was occuring
  • 1.16: Added 'maximum explosions per second' setting

19-9-2011 - Updated to v1.12/3.

  • WAY better TNT controlled demolition system with two setting nodes
  • Exported while referencing CB 1060, should fix some lag in 1.73 hopefully
  • 1.13: fixed a few bugs (NPE, hopefully) and added more functionality to clear

18-9-2011 - Updated to v1.11.

  • Added auto-stack former
  • Added experience orb stack forming
  • Added auto-save interval changer
  • Lots of other things

18-9-2011 - Updated to v1.1.

  • Added delayed chunk unload settings
  • Added world spawn restrictions
  • Added some isCancelled checks in the events

17-9-2011 - Release 1.0