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Muni is a town management plugin for Bukkit servers.
It provides 4 commands: /town /deputy /mayor /townadmin

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Muni is being built by Team[GLOKK].

Test the newest development snapshot at
Find the dev on at #teamglokk.
Become a contributor and help develop the Muni project on Github
Check out the release history here: Muni Change Log

Reason for Muni:
There’s no good town plugin! Towny has weird plot sizes and takes too much effort to configure, World Guard is great IFF users have full control (and tutoring) over plot size, Grief Prevention doesn't have special regions, and MCTowns has an overly complicated region hierarchy. Muni seeks to fill the void of the town plugin in the world of Bukkit servers.

Overall Description:
Muni provides a town interface for players to use. Mayors have full control of their towns, deputies have elevated rights, and all citizens can change towns as they would like to. World Guard borders will be used to protect builds and is expandable by the officers as the town grows. Special sub-regions can be bought, such as regions to heal players and or enable PVP for the town arena.

Citizen Abilities

  • Apply to a specific town for citizenship
    • An application or invite binds the player to a town
    • Before applying to another town, they must do /town leave
  • Accept an invite from a town
  • Leave town (/town leave)
  • Pay taxes (/town payTaxes)
  • Check Town Bank balance (/town Bank)
  • Automatically gain build rights inside town
  • (Future) Vote

Deputy and Mayor Abilities

  • Set tax rates (/deputy/mayor setTax/setItemTax #)
  • Use Town Bank (/deputy/mayor bank check/deposit/withdraw #)
  • Resign from officerships (/deputy/mayor resign)
  • Manage Citizens (/deputy/mayor kick <PlayerName>)
  • Buy Town Border Expansions (/deputy/mayor expand)
  • (Future)Change region greetings
  • (Future) Allow for contractors to have build rights (without citizenship)

Mayor Abilities

  • Set Deputies (/mayor deputize)
  • Rank up town (/mayor rankup)
  • Delete Town (/mayor delete)

Later Possibilities

  • War system
  • Dynmap Markers
  • Giant Shop Location
  • Integration with the Jail plugin (giving officials the perms to make a Jail and punish their citizens)
  • Integration with Mine Reset Lite plugin
  • Mail system (Addresses)
  • Denizen Integration (Gather quests etc.)
  • Dictatorship vs Democracy

Check out the Development Roadmap
Also look at the Commands and Permissions

This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

From Metrics:
A unique identifier
The server's version of Java
Whether the server is in offline or online mode
The plugin's version
The server's version
The OS version/name and architecture
The core count for the CPU
The number of players online
The Metrics version

From Muni:
The count of towns, citizens, and town ranks
Which database is used, MySQL or SQLite

If you wish to disable this feature for Muni only, you can disable it in Muni's config. If you wish to disable Metrics for any plugin, do that in the plugin folder for the Metrics plugin.

To view the data collected, please check us out on


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