Muni Alpha 0.20b


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    Apr 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1
  • 1.5.1


Check out the commits on the Github page to keep up with development. Contributions welcome!
Use the ticket system here on Bukkit Dev to report bugs.
Check out the full Change Log history

New in this version:

  • /townAdmin has been renamed to /muni
  • MySQL functionality has been fixed but it is unclear whether all the bugs are out.
  • In debug mode, you will notice a heartbeat that goes off every half hour. This is the beginning of voting
  • Metrics data tracking has been added. Muni will send the number of towns and citizens on your server, track the database used, and eventually track how many towns are which rank.
    • All information sent to Metrics is confidential, as I cannot see who's server is who's.
    • Metrics can be disabled in the Muni config, or it can be disabled for all plugins from its own config.

Dev Notes

  • There are still bugs! Help find them.
  • World Guard functionality will be expanded in Alpha v.21

Please, be sure to leave feedback for the authors. Are you finding lots of errors in the commands? Are the name of the commands confusing? Anything misspelled? Can't wait for more World Guard functions? Leave comments on the main page, record a ticket if you have a serious problem, or start a thread on the forum to just chit chat. Tell us how you think Muni should end up!

This version includes an update to the config file. You can delete or rename your old one, or manually make the changes by referencing the config on Github

  • Muni saves the config file at shutdown so you have to do the changes while the server is off, or use /muni reload after editing the file.

Again, /townAdmin has been renamed to /muni !!!!

MySQL functionality has been added, but the changes may be buggy and can possibly affect SQLite functionality in a negative way. If you have to report an SQL-related bug, please turn on Debugging and SQL Debugging in the config and use pastebin or similar to show me the log outputs.

Please report all bugs with the exact command entered and the stack trace. Be sure to check through the tickets to make sure the bug isn't already reported and being worked on.