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This plugin adds 3 more Functions to your Bukkit server:

- If you kill a player, you will get an configurable amount of money(configurable in the config.yml)

- If you kill many players until a configurable delay, you will get a message in the 'Boss-Bar' (KILL, DOUBLEKILL, TRIPLEKILL, QUADROKILL, PENTAKILL, MULTIKILL) and all Players can see in the Global-Chat, that you made a DOUBLEKILL(dome77 has made a DoubleKill)

- If you kill a amount of players, you will get a message in the GlobalChat: If you kill 4 players until you won't die, you will fell in a BLOODRUSH If you kill 8 players until you won't die, you will be UNSTOPPABLE If you kill 12 players until you won't die, you will be GOD-LIKE If you kill 16 players until you will be LEGENDARY

All Messages are configurable in the config.yml

Commands & Permissions:

/mk*Basic info command
/mkreload*Reloads the config.yml


#INBAR(The messages, who should be displayed in the Boss-Bar):
  1K: '&f&lKILL'
  2K: '&e&lDOUBLEKILL'
  3K: '&6&lTRIPLEKILL'
  4K: '&c&lQUADROKILL'
  5K: '&4&lPENTAKILL'
#INCHAT(The messages, who should be displayed in Global-Chat):
  2K: '&amade a &eDOUBLEKILL'
  3K: '&amade a &6TRIPLEKILL'
  4K: '&amade a &cQUADRAKILL'
  5K: '&amade a &4PENTAKILL'
  MK: '&amade a &0MULTIKILL'
#player stats (up to the death) INCHAT
#if the player dies, the stats-mode will be removed
  4: '&afells in a &1BLOOD-RUSH'
  8: '&afells in &2BERSERK-MODE'
  12: '&ais &dUNSTOPPABLE'
  18: '&ais &3GOD-LIKE'
  24: '&ais &5LEGENDARY'
  morethan24: '&ais &5LEGENDARY'
statscanceliflogout: true
kill-money: 30
# Must be a Double Value or the Plugin will fail in this Case!
rewardformultikills: 5.0
rewardforeverystatsup: 5.0
#Message for Get Money or Withdraw
gotmoney: 'was killed by you and you got'
lostmoney: 'killed you and you lost'

Required Plugins

To-Do List

  • Adding better permissions
  • Adding more features(Write them into the comments)

Bugs & Errors

Please report Bugs and Errors in the comments


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