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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.




The mobs currently do NOT spawn naturally right now because that feature hasn't been added yet. You can spawn them by using the "/moremobs" command! REMEMBER! This is in BETA! Does not have all of the original mobs yet plus additional mobs!


More Mobs 2 is a recoded version of the plugin, More Mobs. Well some might ask, "What it More Mobs?". Well to answer that, it was a plugin that added "new mobs" by taking advantage of Minecraft's coding and using its features that aren't really possible to apply in-game or "exploiting" as some might call it, on mobs and it was first released on October 30, 2012. The goal of this plugin is to revive what looks like a now dead More Mobs plugin and haul in some new features, too. Like for example, an API system for other plugin developers to use and more, but we'll save the suprises for later. ;)


  • Has the same old mobs from the original More Mobs.
  • Adding more new mobs.
  • An API system that allows other plugin developers to use this plugin for theirs for whatever their purposes are.
  • Adding more attack types for more interactive battles.


If you have any ideas or if you spotted any bugs(basically an error or something it's not suppose to do) please file a ticket!


1. Does this plugin require Spout?

  • No, it doesn't need Spout, it uses exploiting to create "new mobs".

2. Will this plugin conflict with other mob spawning plugins?

  • Well, I'm not quite sure, but it probably shouldn't conflict and give errors, so it should be okay, but if you think it is conflicting, file a ticket.

3. Why doesn't the mobs spawn naturally?

  • Well that's because this plugin is in beta and hasn't been added yet.
Mob NameDescriptionPicture
GiantA giant zombie that is normally not aggressive towards a player unless offended(getting hit).Giant
HellhoundAn evil hound from the nether that is hungry for the flesh of players.Hellhound
LichA dark undead wizard that spawns undead minions to do its bidding when attacked.Lich
WraithA corrupt soul looking to devour other players' souls.Wraith
SkeletonWarriorDiamondA skeletal warrior in full set diamond armor with a bow.SkeletalDiamondWarrior
FoodFightEnchanted food that's not going to digest very well and fight back.FoodFight
HellSkeletonA hellish skeletal fiend from the nether.HellSkeleton
PigChestA friendly lil' critter that's willing to follow you around as long as you have carrots around in exchange for holding a chest for you.PigChest

*You can check out the original More Mobs

A wiki and forum coming soon!


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