Multiple Config files

All settings are stored in global.txt. This is global settings file that applies to each world, unless you define specific settings for another world. Make a copy of global.txt and name it as X.yml, where X is name of the world you want to change. Then you can edit this file, to make per-world settings. You may also delete specific config entries, since MonsterHunt will automatically use global entry if there is no entry in world yml file.

General Settings:


This setting determines time when MonsterHunt starts. Most users probably won't have to change this settings, but i leave it as the option. Time in minecraft is divided into 24000 units, where 0 is midnight. Around 1200 units represent one minute in real life. If server lags, this time can be much longer.


This setting determines time when MonsterHunt stops and announce winners. It should be bigger than StartTime.


This setting determines, how much kills does player lost in percentage. So if you set it to 20, it will remove 20% of the player points when he dies. If you change this, don't forget to also change percentage in DeathMessage!


When player use /huntstatus command, it will tell them how much night is left for them. Use that settings to toggle this.


Players may kill much higher amount of mobs with bow. Set that setting to false to not count kills made with bow.


Disable this settings to disable the sign up. Anyone can then join anytime they want by just killing a mob.


You can use this setting to disable high score system if you want.


Minimum points that player needs to get reward for specified place. X means number of place. Use that to prevent players winning items too easily.


Minimum number of players that needs to participate in hunt in order for someone to win hunt. Use this to prevent players winning easily because there is no competition.


Chance for hunt to actually start. This is checked each night before the hunt starts. So if you set it to 20, each night have 20% chance to start hunt. You can use this to make hunt more random in less predictable. Use numbers between 100 and 0.


Using this setting, you may set hunt to not start every night, but every X night. So if you set this to 5, it will start hunt and then wait 5 nights before starting another hunt.


Set how many minutes before actual hunt will sign up period start. Sign up period will give players some time to sign up and prepare for the hunt. Especially useful if hunt starts randomly.


If your server runs multiple worlds, you can enter multiple worlds here, separated by comma(,). World name is same than its folder. Because each world have different time, each world will have different hunt. Only global thing are high scores.


This setting will make MonsterHunt count only kills of mobs that are spawned outside (somewhere without roof) in the time when hunt start. That can be used to effectively block mob grinders and make players hunt mobs on the surface like it's supposed to.


How many blocks above mob should plugin check for empty blocks? Set that when you have for example sky city and want players to hunt bellow the city. But remember to keep this setting high enough to prevent players from creating mob grinders (for example if you set this to 30, each room in mob grinder/spawner should be 30 blocks high which is obviously too much to make without using WorldEdit or something like that). Set that to 0 to simply check all the blocks above.


When mob spawn underground is detected, it will go into blacklist. If this setting is disabled, then every non-blacklisted mob will be saved instead. Black list decreases detection rate, but also decreases false positives (detect legit mobs as spawned underground).

Disable this setting to use whitelist if you want improved protection. But beware that you may get more false positives.


This function allows you to skip the night if hunt fails to start due to not enough players signed up. You have to enter time, to which you want to skip. Good values may be 23000 (very early morning) or 0 (when day in minecraft officialy starts). Use -1 to disable this feature.


There is setting for each supported monster under value. This setting determines, how many points is specific mob worth when killing. Use this to balance out heavy mobs (for example Ghast is very hard to kill, so killer should be awarded with many points for killing it).

There are couple of setting per each mob: General means any kill that does not fit into other category. Arrow means kill that is made by bow. Snowball means that kill was made using snowballs (for blazes and enderdragons). Wolf means kill that was made by player's wolf. Number means kill that was made using specified item. For example:

        General: 10
        Arrow: 4
        Snowball: 15
        Wolf: 7
        '283': 20
        '0' : 12
  • when killing blaze with bow, you will get 4 points.
  • when killing blaze with a snowball, you will get 15 points
  • when your wolf kills blaze, you will get 7 points.
  • When you kill blaze with golden sword (id=283), you will get 20 points
  • When you kill blaze with bare hands (id=0), you will get 12 points
  • When you kill blaze with anything else, you will get 10 points.

If you set value 0, killing this mob with specified item will be disabled and players won't get any messages or points when killing him with that item.

You can also make multiple kill messages, so player will get different message when using different items. For example KillMessageArrow will display when player kills something with a bow. Or KillMessage283 will display when player kills someone with golden sword.


Should we announce when somebody takes the lead?


Entries in this category are used to store hunt zone data. You can define them in game using /huntzone command.


Should we enable Hunt zone mode? See Game Modes for more information.


Which tool should /huntzone command use for selection?


Should we announce when player signs up for hunt?


All setting connected with rewards are grouped in this category. There are two types of rewards in MonsterHunt: normal reward and RewardEveryone. Normal reward will reward winners of the game, while RewardEveryone will reward everyone signed up for the hun


This setting enables or disables normal reward. RewardEveryone will still work regardless of this setting.


This setting will enable RewardEveryone for all players. That means that every player that was signed up for the hunt will get the RewardEveryone.


This will enable special permission, that will allow you to give RewardEveryone to only specific group of people. Player must be registered for the hunt and have RewardEveryone permission to get the reward.


How many points do you need to get RewardEveryone


This will determine, how many "places" will be awarded. For example, when you set this to 3, plugin will award first place, second place and third place. If you change this, don't forget to change corresponding RewardParameters and FinishMessageWinners.


Where X is the place of the reward parameters. You must define RewardParameters for each place. For example RewardsParametersPlace1 will define RewardParameters for first place. See Reward Parameters for more information.


This setting defines RewardParameters for RewardEveryone. See Reward Parameters for more information.


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