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mmoChat provides simple channel handling for players. Channels are controlled via filters - this means that you can easily create new channel types by combining filters such as Local + Party etc.

The mmoMinecraft suite is a collection of plugins that together attempt to create a more mmorpg-like experience in Minecraft.


  • mmoCore - Required by all mmoMinecraft plugins.
  • SpoutPlugin - Allows a small tab showing the current channel above the text input (optional).


  • mmoParty - Adds a "Party" filter and adds the /party channel (use command:false).
  • mmoChatPirate - Adds a "Pirate" filter which makes you talk like a pirate.
  • mmoChatTitle - Adds a permissions based "Title" filter.


  • Easy to create new channels.
  • Simple API for creating new channel filters.
  • Players select default channel simply by using the channel chat command without any args.
  • Multiple aliases for every channel.
  • Automatically add a command for each channel created (optional).
  • Show a tab above the text bar showing the current channel (requires Spout).


  • /channel <name> - Change the channel you are speaking on.
  • /channel <name> [text] - Send text to the named channel.
  • /<channel> - Change the channel you are speaking on (if it has a channel command).
  • /<channel> [text] - Send text to the named channel (if it has a channel command).
  • /me [text] - Send text as an emote rather than a message (slightly different formatting).


#mmoChat Configuration
    channel: Chat # The default channel for people to speak in
    colour: false # Should it allow colour codes in messages
    format: "[%1$s] %2$s: %4$s"    # Channel format string (optional, see below)
    formatme: "[%1$s] * %2$s %4$s" # Channel /me format string (optional)
    Shout:            # The channel name
        alias:        # A list of aliases to use for this channel
        - Sh
        - Sho
        - Shou
        filters:      # A list of filters to use (see below)
        - Yell
        - Range 200
        command: true # Does this have a custom /Shout command
        enabled: true # Is this channel enabled
        log: true     # Does this log to the console
        format: "[%1$s] %2$s: %4$s"     # Channel format string (optional)
        formatme: "[%1$s] * %2$s %4$s"  # Channel /me format string (optional)


  • Server - everyone online.
  • World - in the same world.
  • Yell - within 300 blocks (and same world)
  • Range <range> - within <range> blocks (default 100, and same world)
  • Say - within 25 blocks (and same world)
  • Disabled - nobody can see this
  • Tell - the first word is taken as a single target
  • Reply - sends back to the last person to use Tell at you


  •* - Default - use and see channels
  •*.use - Default - use channels
  •*.see - Default - see channels
  •<channel> - Use and see channel
  •<channel>.use - Use channel
  •<channel>.see - See channel Permissions will search from the most specific permission back to the default permission until it finds a specific true or false.

Format Strings

  • "%1$s" - Channel name
  • "%2$s" - Name of player talking
  • "%3$s" - Name of player seeing the message (every player gets their own string)
  • "%4$s" - Message
  • You can use normal Minecraft colour codes in the format string, however both the player names will be coloured automatically.


  • Private channels created by players.
  • Channel control commands.


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