Customizing Reset Messages

In MineResetLite versions 0.3.4 and later, you can customize the messages displayed in chat about mine resets. To do so, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to your plugins/MineResetLite directory.

2. Create a new text file, name it ''

3. For each message you want to customize, paste it onto a line in the file. The 3 messages are:

mineResetBroadcast=&f[&4MRL&f] &c%0% &dhas been reset by &c%1%&d!
mineAutoResetBroadcast=&f[&4MRL&f] &c%0% &dhas been reset automatically!
mineWarningBroadcast=&f[&4MRL&f] &c%0% &dwill reset in &5%1% &dminute(s)!

The & followed by a color code codes for chat color. A reference for chat colors can be found here. The %(number)% parts are replacement text. The percent signs and the numeral get replaced with something meaningful.

In mineResetBroadcast, %0% codes for the mine name, and %1% codes for the player who reset the mine. In mineAutoResetBroadcast, %0% codes for the mine name. In mineWarningBroadcast, %0% codes for the mine name, and %1% codes for the number of minutes until it resets.

4. Paste your modified lines into the text file. Save it, and start MineResetLite.


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