Thanks for your interest in helping internationalize MineResetLite! I appreciate your help.


MineResetLite stores text shown to users as phrases. The file storing these phrases is named The latest can be viewed here.

Once you've downloaded a copy of the English version of, and have opened it up in a text editor, you can begin translating line-by-line.

For each line, here's a basic breakdown:

  • Start with a phrase line, for example, "surfaceBlockSet=&c%0%&d's surface block has been set."
  • Edit the phrase line to translate everything after the first equals sign to be in your native language. i.e. (using Google Translate):
    • "surfaceBlockSet=&c%0%&d's surface block has been set." -> "surfaceBlockSet=&c%0%&d-Oberfläche Block gesetzt wurde."
    • The %(number)% signs are replacement variables. If you don't know what it replaces to, feel free to PM me. Color scheme:
    • &c = Replaced variable
    • &d = Static text
    • &4 = Error

Once you've translated the entire, please PM me the file, stating what language it's in. Thanks for your assistance!

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