Merchants Reloaded

Merchants Reloaded


This is an safety plugin against scammers on certain servers. In order to get an item, the trader needs to have sufficient money and if not: The trade request can't be requested. I made this plugin because it happened a lot to me and would've liked an solution to this. So here it is, Merchants!


You'll need to have an Economy such as Essentials, and Vault. Click the Vault link for more economies.

Commands and permissions

/trade <player> [money]merchants.tradeTradeEveryone
/trade <player> [money]merchants.airBeing able to trade nothing for moneyNoone
/trade <player> 0merchants.giveBeing able to swap item without being at same placeNoone
/trade <player> -[money]merchants.attachedmoneyBeing able to give money and an itemNoone
/trade <player>merchants.databaseLook at someone's trading statics.Everyone
/trade allowmerchants.allowGives the player the ability to allow trading.Everyone
/trade disallowmerchants.disallowGives the player the ability to refuse trading.Everyone
merchants.multipleworldsGives the player the ability to trade with an player in another world.Noone

Future features

I'd like to make these features in upcoming files, so it doesn't mean I'll do it guaranteed.

Trade cooldownAvoids people to spam trade requests. Cooldown will be adjustable in the config file
Merchant commandExchange items in order to get items
Multiple itemsLets you trade more items with the /trade command
Full GUITo make trading easier without hard commands
World permissionsMakes people trade in specific worlds

Bugs & errors

We are aware of some bugs and errors already, those will be in the "Know Caveats" tab of the file. If there is a bug which isn't there, please contact us via a PM or Bukkit plugin comment. Thank you!


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