This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.


MCSkype is a plugin that lets you better communicate with your players, via skype!


  • Contacts - Add, remove, and list server contacts
  • Announcements - Send announcements to server contacts

Planned Features

  • Admin group - Create/select a skype group to be the "admin group"
  • Admin help - Players can send messages to the admin group for help
  • Events - Send notifications via skype to defined players about server lag, server crashes, bans, mutes, etc
  • Commands from skype - Admins may send specific commands from skype (ex: !stop, !ban notch, !mute jeb_, !jail Dinnerbone, etc).


Instructions for setup can be found here.


  • /skype announce <message> - Sends a message to the server's contacts
  • /skype contacts add <skype username> - Adds a contact to the server's contact list
  • /skype contacts remove <skype username> - Removes a contact from the server's contact list
  • /skype contacts list - lists the server's skype contacts
  • /skype admin add <skype username> - Add's an admin to the servers skype admin list (admins recieve event messages like crashes and lag reports)
  • /skype admingroup create <skype group name> [username1] [username2] [etc] - Creates an admin skype group and adds listed contacts
  • /skype admingroup set <skype group name> - Uses an existing skype group as the admin skype group
  • /skype admingroup addcontact <skype username> - Adds a contact to the skype group
  • /skype help - Returns a list of MCSkype commands
  • More to come


  • skype.announce - Allows players to announce
  • skype.contacts.* - Allows players to access all "/skype contacts" sub-commands
  • skype.contacts.add - Allows players to add skype usernames to the skype contact list
  • skype.contacts.remove - Allows players to remove skype usernames from the skype contact list
  • skype.contacts.list - Allows players to see a list of the server's skype contacts
  • skype.admin.* - Allows players to access all "/skype admin" sub-commands
  • skype.admin.add - Allows players to add admins to the server's skype admin list
  • skype.admin.remove - Allows players to remove admins from the server's skype admin list
  • skype.admingroup.* - Allows players to access all "/skype admingroup" subcommands
  • skype.admingroup.create - Allows players to create an admin skype group
  • skype.admingroup.set - Allows players to set the admin group using an existing skype group
  • skype.admingroup.addcontact - Allows players to add contacts to the admin skype group
  • - Allows players to access the "/skype help" command


Check out the project on GitHub!


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