McmmoRankUp gives you and players the option to automate your permission systems groups to players on your servers or just Rank-Up based on internal tags and don't have use the permissions systems groups base on you McMMO Level.


All of this is commingled with your mcMMO RPG System with abilities available to the ranking systems of mcmmoRankUp players can choose which ability they wish to use as their Base Rank Ability. From there, as the player progresses in mcMMO, mcmmoRankUp will detect these changes and promote/demote players within the players chosen rank line. Players can choose which ability they wish to rank up in and can change them on the fly whenever they want. mcmmoRankUp will inform players when their current skill has been achieved and is not promotable to any further promotions within that ability. Your permission groups dictate what a player gets at a specific ability level promotion, if you use the permissions interface of mcmmoRankUp (suggested if you truely want to automate your promotional aspects of your server for your players). mcmmoRankUp will also demote players if their skill level falls below the current level requirements of the current abilities group. Additionally, if the player is lazy but has the XP or Server Currency, you may grant them the ability of Buying Ranks using XP or Currency

For example

if the player is currently a level 20 in the ability AXES, and something along the way made the player drops a level or more in AXES from mcMMO, upon AutoRankUp or manually invoking mcmmoRankUp's rank-up option, the player will be demoted back down the respective level of that ability. Demotions work just like Promotions and will update the player's permissions group(s) if you use the permissions systems interface. Otherwise the tag of the player will just demote back down. (see setting up below for more detail on skill, abilities and file requirements)

Last Dev-Build


  • Add Health System
  • Add UseHealthSystem on Config ( need to remake then v5 )
  • Modify all skill files ( need to remake then )
  • Add Custom System
    • Add Custom File Name/Title 
    • Custom Rank(s) Line(s)
    • Requirement system 
      • By money
      • By mob killed
      • By McMMO Skill
      • By PlayerKilled
      • By been on specific world
      • By world guard region
  • Fix mobdeath bug

 Features On Last Version

  • Auto Promote / Demote when a player joins the server.
  • Auto-rank timer completely optional.
  • Buy Ranks using Experience Points or Server Currency or all for each skill file.
  • Auto add and removal of permissions groups based on mcMMO configured abilities/skills.
  • Easily ignore players and/or groups.
  • Rank for Male or Female or don't use Genders at all ( need More ? :o )
  • Rank for each ability of mcmmo. ( fancy :) )
  • Color Schemes are 100% configurable
  • Player and Global Broadcasting Feeds
  • Generate reports in many formats
  • Players can view their current mcmmoRankup Stats in both Past and Current states
  • Skill/Ability Attributes: enabling
  • Ability to edit, in-game, configuration settings, toggling Skill/Abilities On/Off.
  • TagOnlySystem for work only with tag and chat compatible with others plugins


  • Add (goes with below but itemized for project clarity) classes with ladders and prerequisites to each parent/child
  • Add combination of multiple mcmmo skills to rank up Ex: Woodcutting and Archery would be required to gain the rank [Archer] at woodcutting: 200 archery:400. - in planning phases

How to Setup McmmoRankUP

Setting up McmmoRankUp is simple and clean.

  1. After Basic Install Navigate to the plugin/Mcmmorankup folder on your server
  2. Edit the config.yml file
    1. Any ability/skill that you set enabled will auto-load if it does not exist in the skills folder. If one does exist it will not get overwritten.
  3. If you want to enable buying ranks (xp or currency) need to ensure you edit each skill file as well and just don't turn on the option in the config. It's a two step configuration for buying ranks.
    1. Only required file is the powerlevel.yml file as it's the default ability rank base or whatever ability you decide is the default.
  4. Ability files are stored in the folder " /plugins/Mcmmorankup/skills ". Each file that is pre-loaded into this folder WILL NEED TO BE EDITED based on your permissions and groups and how you want players to rank up. The groups and levels existing in any/all the files now are just there for you to see how they work with the system.
  5. Any skill file pre-loaded (new installs) into the skills folder is based off of what skill is enabled via the config.yml.
  6. If you are using the permissions-group rankup system (not the tag only rankup system), then you MUST make sure you have all the defined "mcmmo.skills.skillname" permission nodes assigned to the respective groups.
  7. Restart your server.

RankUp Abilities and Files

==== Group Names in your Skill / Ability Files ARE Case Sensitive ! ====

Examples are in The Abilities Configuration Pages - Click

  • PowerLevel (powerlevel.yml) - default rank base ability - change in config.yml
  • Axes (axes.yml)
  • Swords (swords.yml)
  • Archery (archery.yml)
  • Excavation (excavation.yml)
  • Herbalism (herbalism.yml)
  • Taming (taming.yml)
  • UnArmed (unarmed.yml)
  • Acrobatics (acrobatics.yml)
  • Repair (repair.yml)
  • Mining (mining.yml)
  • Fishing (fishing.yml)
  • Woodcutting (woodcutting.yml)
  • Smelting (smelting.yml)

Each of the above listed abilities will need to be modified to your servers permission groups and such, but will be created upon initial installation in the folder " /plugins/Mcmmorankup/skills ", if they don't already exist. If a file gets corrupted or accidentally deleted it will be re-created on a reload or a server restart and will again have to edit it to your permissions and groups.

All ability files pre-loaded from the jar file are saved in UTF-8 encoding. If you use a different encoding method, then u will want to make sure you change the encoding once you open the document to your encoding to avoid corruption/detection issues.

login and type "/mru hab" to see a complete list of the above abilities. If McmmoRankUp detected and loaded your ability file, you will see a reflection of all loaded files via your BASE RANK ABILITIES listing (/mru hab) denoted by Available for Ranking Up. If a file was not loaded/detected you will see this: Not Available for Ranking Up

Tag Only System

If you don't want to create a lot of groups in your permissions system for each of the abilities, use the new config UseTagOnlySystem. With this option set to true the name of the group will be the Tag and will always try to show after all chat formats and output

v0.6.7+ "-mru" on your chat plugin will be replace with player rank

Gender First System ( on 0.7.0+ )

If you want player set gender first , just put "true" on that on config and set the group that will have "mru.setgender" only and the group with full permission, after player select gender will automatic move to default group

Health System ( on LAST DEV ! )

If you want set the health for the player base on rank, first need to enable that on config ( UseHealthSystem = true ) and set the health inside the skill file, remember 1 hearth = 2 point, the health status is check every login and rank up

<group or tag> : <amount>

Custom System ( on LAST DEV ! )

 Let the plugin load the custom.yml file ( set enable ) after that you can change the name of file to anything you like ( xxx.yml ) and that will be the title and for another custom rank just copy and rename the file.


If you want rank up with 2 or more requirement just enable the custom skill on config and the custom.yml will be created there you will make all rank requirement ( buy rank not work on custom ) SAMPLE :

10 pig killed  + 10 powerlevel + 10 fishing for rank 1 

20 Fishing + 10 sword for rank 2


Add more rank(s) line(s) ( only on custom.yml on LAST DEV ! )

If you want set more then female/male rank up line on the custom.yml, set the new rank line on the bottom in section "ExtraBaseRank" and then make the rank line in section RankUp like the auto-generate sample custom.yml the new lines will have new command /mru <line_name> for each line you make.



Commands ( on 0.6.5+ )

  • /mru ? or help - help on commands
  • /mru < male | female > - change your gender to female / male ( default )
  • /mru hab - List all abilities to choose a Base Rank from
  • /mru hab <ability> - choose one ability for base your rank
  • /mru display <ability> <gender> - display all Rank Lines for this ability
  • /mru view < on | off > - Enable / Disable Scoreboard for your Rank
  • /mru rank - Show and Execute Player Promote/Demote Ranking ( mru.rankup )
  • /mru buy <x or b> Buy Ranks using Xp or Buks ( mru.buyrankxp and/or mru.buyrankbuks )
  • /mru stats [player] - Check the last quit Skill/Level ( mru.admin and/or mru.stats )
  • /mru feeds - Manage Player Feeds ( mru.playerfeeds )
  • /mru <custom_line_rank> - change the rank to this line ( only available on custom.yml )
Admin Commands
  • /mru pinfo ( toggle Next Promotion Info. during Rank Up Messaging ( mru.admin )
  • /mru set <setting> <value> - Set Config/Ability settings  ( mru.admin )
  • /mru report <a | skill | g> - Admin Ranking Report (all, skill, genders) ( mru.admin )
  • /mru reload - Reload the plugin ( mru.reload )


  • Each player will require you to add the mru.hability permission node to that permissions group via your permissions system.
  • Additional nodes players will need are limited to how you base your groups on. All players will need "mcmmo.skills.skillname" permission node for the skills you want them to have access to. Failure to do so will result in your /mru hab listing for the players to select their rank line to be empty. Example: New players to your server are restricted to 2 abilites (swords and unarmed). Give them "mcmmo.skills.swords" and "mcmmo.skills.unarmed".
Permission What For ?
mru.admin.config Update config settings and reload.
mru.buyrankbuks Purchase a rank from their current server worlds money
mru.buyrankxp Purchase a rank from XP or XP Levels
mru.hability Option to set base rank line
mru.playerfeeds mcmmoRankup Player feeds
mru.rankup Autorank or invoke ranking up via cmd /mru rank
mru.stats View current ranking stats, both current and previous
mru.stats.others View another players ranking stats, current and previous
mru.setgender Allow player to set gender

WildCard For Admin
  • mru.admin.*
    • mru.admin.config
    • mru.buyrankbuks
    • mru.buyrankxp
    • mru.hability
    • mru.playerfeeds
    • mru.rankup
    • mru.stats
    • mru.stats.others
    • mru.setgender
WildCard For Player
  • mru.user.*
    • mru.buyrankbuks
    • mru.buyrankxp
    • mru.hability
    • mru.playerfeeds
    • mru.rankup
    • mru.stats
    • mru.stats.others
    • mru.setgender
  • mru.user.simple
    • mru.hability
    • mru.rankup
    • mru.stats
    • mru.setgender
  • mru.exemptdemotions ( bypass demotions )
  • mru.ignore ( player/group )

Help us Help You !?!

:D work on this for FUN, but NEVER will abandon the project so if you want help my work !
Donate is always appreciated !

Many thanks to help of Mavhill


  • McMMO (player skills, attributes and more... more than an rpg System) - 2.1.+
  • VAULT (permissions, chat and economy API) - 1.7+
  • Java 1.7+ 
  • Optional WorldGuard 7.0+

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