Wireless Redstone Torches

MagicTorches gives you a way to make wireless redstone torch connections. Each MagicTorch array has one transmitter and any number of receivers. When the transmitter changes its state (to on or off), that change is transmitted to all of the receiver torches.

Receiver Torch Types

Directmatches the transmitter at all times
Inverseopposite of the transmitter at all times
Togglechanges state, and ignores all other transmits for a period of time. Can be used to make a torch that changes state when a button is pushed down, but doesn't change back when the button is released.
Timerchanges state, waits some period of time (ignoring all other transmitted signals), then changes back.
Delaywaits a period of time before processing the signal. It acts as if there are any number of repeaters between the transmitter and receiver.

Tutorial Video

This is from the last version, but it shows you quickly how to set things up. Commands have changed slightly, and there are more options now.

German Tutorial (thanks Rogge88):


/mt create <name> [direct|inverse|toggle|delay|timer] - Creates a MagicTorch array. Receiver torches selected will be direct (default), inverse, toggle (was called delay in last version), delay, or timer.
/mt edit <name> - Edit an existing torch array.
/mt cancel - Cancels a torch creation or edit.
/mt finish - Finishes the creation or edit of a MagicTorch array, and names it <name>.
/mt direct - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be direct receivers.
/mt inverse - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be inverse receivers.
/mt toggle [time] - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be toggle receivers, with the time specified. Default time is specified in config.yml.
/mt delay [time] - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be delay receivers, with the time specified. Default time is specified in config.yml.
/mt timer [time] - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be timer receivers, with the time specified. Default time is specified in config.yml.
/mt delete <name> - Delete the named torch array.
/mt list [name] [page] - paged list torch arrays that you own, or admins can specify a player's name to list their arrays.
/mt info <name> - Shows info for the named torch array.
/mt price - Shows the current price of the array you're editing or creating. Requires economy (vault).
/mt rate - Shows the rates for creating and editing torches. Requires economy (vault).
/mt enable - Admin: Reenables all loaded MT Torch arrays, after they have been disabled.
/mt disable - Admin: Disables all loaded MT Torch arrays.
/mt reload - Admin: Reloads MagicTorches from the database.
/mt prune - Removes any non-loaded MagicTorch arrays from the database.


magictorches.accessbasic access to the command. Needed for anyone who will create/edit torches.
magictorches.create.directallows a user to create an array with direct receivers.
magictorches.create.inverseallows a user to create an array with inverse receivers.
magictorches.create.toggleallows a user to create an array with toggle receivers.
magictorches.create.delayallows a user to create an array with delay receivers.
magictorches.create.timerallows a user to create an array with timer receivers.
magictorches.adminallows a user to see, edit, list and delete all MagicTorch arrays. Also allows user to reload the MT db.
magictorches.*Gives all permissions
magictorches.useGives all permissions, except for magictorches.admin

Default config.yml

The default config.yml can be found here.

Basic Instructions

To begin the creation a MagicTorch array (i.e., a wireless transmitter torch connected to a variety of receiver torches), simply type /mt create <name>. Left clicking on a redstone torch will designate that torch as a wireless transmitter. Right clicking on a redstone torch will add/remove it from the receiver array.

Each receiver torch is assigned a type: direct, inverse, toggle, timer or delay. You can specify the type when you create the torches by typing /mt create [direct|inverse|toggle|delay|timer], or by typing /mt direct, /mt inverse, /mt toggle [time], /mt timer [time], or /mt delay [time] while creating the MagicTorch array. You can have multiple receivers of different types. Types only apply to those receivers selected after you specify the type.

When you've selected all of your torches, type /mt finish to finish creating the array, or /mt cancel to cancel the array creation. It is now active and the transmitter torch will transmit any power changes it receives to every receiver torch in its array.

Editing is similar. To edit, type /mt edit <name>. When reassigning torch types, you must first remove the receiver from the array, and then add it back again with the new type/settings. E.g., to change a direct receiver to an inverse, you would right click to remove the torch from the array, then type /mt inverse, then right click to add the torch back in to the array.


Please see the forum for discussion on this plugin.


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