Magic Clock

Magic Clock

The Magic Clock plugin was made for a friend's upcoming server. Note that the use of this plugin is strictly for hub servers only (like Hive or Hypixel). Use this plugin on a non-hub server at your own risk.

Current Permissions

  • magicclock.use - The permission to use the clock.
  • magicclock.exempt - The permission to prevent a player from being vanished.

Upcoming Features

  • MySQL support will allow cross server use of the clock.
  • When the clock is enabled, an item can replace the clock. For example, a lit redstone torch will be given to the player when the clock is enabled and when disabled, an unlit redstone torch will be given to the player.

Anything else you guys can think of.

Current Version

Currently available for download: 5.15


Q: Will you be adding in support for multiworlds? A: No, this plugin is meant to only be for hub servers, such as Hive or Hypixel.

Q: Will you program for me? A: No.

Q: Will you help me configure the plugin? A: The config file is very self explanatory. If you need help, just post a comment.

Q: Will you post a Git repo so I can add in multiworld support/my own stuff? A: Eventually, yes.

Q: How do I add in colored messages? A: Use the ~ symbol instead of the & symbol for colors. Ex: 6The clock has been enabled.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful day!

Also, want to see an example of the Magic Clock? Join '' today!


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