LumosMaxima is a lightweight plugin which allow your users to light their redstone lamp rightclicking them with an item (flint&steel by default), and without powering it with redstone.

The plugin's name was found by one of my moderators, TenshiArakawa, I think it's useless to specify where the reference is coming from :D


You need a recent build of craftbukkit (#2034+). All recent builds are downloadable here :

There is currently no plugin dependencies, default bukkit permissions system is used (but PermissionsEx works with it).


The installation is very simple : put LumosMaxima.jar in your plugins directory and restart or reload your server.


The config file (plugin/LumosMaxima/config.yml generated on first load) lets you :

  • [activatorItemID] Configure the item which can light up a redstone lamp.
  • [allowOnlyPermitted] If you want to allow this feature to specific users who have the "lumosmaxima.poweron" perm ("true") or not ("false").

How to Use

Simply right click a redstone lamp with a flint&steel (or item specified in the config file), and enjoy the light !

There are anyway some technical restrictions :

  • You can't light up a lamp located below the 4th block level.
  • The 3 block underneath can't be a "special" block (chest, dispenser, furnace, noteblock, ...)
  • Since the 1.1 version, you can light up any lamp at any position without underneath block restrictions.
  • If a redstone component is near the RedstoneLamp, it will finish by turning off, so don't place any button or lever near a plugin-activated lamp (pressure plates can be placed anyway).


This plugin uses the default permissions system, but many permissions plugins hooks themselves to the Bukkit permissions (e.g. PermissionsEx). If you want to enable the permissions check, you have to set the "allowOnlyPermitted" config value to "true".

Permission node : "lumosmaxima.poweron"

Coming soon ?

Nothing is planned at this time.

Some notes

  • The plugin ensures that the Lamp will not light off if any block is placed around, so if you disable the plugin, redstone lamps will not remain lighting forever.
  • Redstone Lamps controlled by redstone systems will work exactly as the vanilla does. Excluding the pressure plates (because they are placed for decoration and extremely rarely in case of direct lamp activation systems).


Version 1.1

  • Deprecated "allowOnlyOps", new config option : "allowOnlyPermitted"
  • Added permission "lumosmaxima.poweron" in case of "allowOnlyPermitted" is set to "true".
  • Found another way to light up, so there is no longer restrictions, you can power on any lamp at any position.

Version 1.0

This is the first version, yes, the first !

How can I show you that this plugin is usefull for me ?

You can post a kind comment below, don't hesitate to make suggests or remarks ;)

If you encounter a bug, you can report it on the "Tickets" tab, after checking if that bug was not reported before.


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