Lore Example
Version 1.4.1
This Plugin was made for PhatLoots but works perfectly by its self

This plugin is a simple way to create custom Lores for Items. You hold the Item in your hand and use one of the commands below. Color can be added by using the & character.


  • /lore name <custom name> - Set the new Name of the Item
  • /lore owner<custom name> - Change the Owner of a Skull
  • /lore add <line of text> - Add a line to the lore
  • /lore set <line #> <line of text> - Change a line of the lore
  • /lore insert<line #> <line of text> - Insert a line into the lore
  • /loot delete [line #] - Delete a line of the lore (last line by default)
  • /lore clear - Clear all lines of the lore
  • /lore undo - Undoes your last modification (up to 5 times)

Permission Nodes:

  • lores.lore - Needed to modify an item's lore
  • lores.name - Needed to change the name of an item
  • lores.owner - Needed to set the owner of a skull
  • lores.color - Needed to add color codes to lore
  • lores.format - Needed to add format codes to lore
  • lores.admin - Parent node for all above permissions


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