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Plugin description

Stats is an advanced statistics gathering plugin, currently focused on player statistics. Information such as PVP kills, blocks broken, playtime and much more. You can store this data as simple files, or store them in a MySQL database. The benefit of using the database is that you can also use any web-end out there to display your players' statistics on your website.

Installation instructions

To install the plugin, simply drag-and-drop the Stats.jar into your 'plugins' folder.
When you start the server, a "Stats" folder will be created, containing a config file.
For a detailed description on the config file, click here.
The most important option is "storage", which can be set to either "flatfile" or "mysql" by default.
If you choose MySQL, there is another file (mysql.yml). Fill in your MySQL details there. That's all!

If you're installing a web-end as well, please read the instructions for said web-end on how to install it.
A list of web-ends compatible with Stats 3:

Made one, too? Let me know!

List of available Stats

This is a list of all available stats. Please note that there might be more stats in your environment, as other plugins can add their own stats to the plugin. For those stats, please see the documentation of the plugin providing them.

Stat name Description Available Metadata
Arrows Amount of arrows shot (not hit!) world
Beds entered Self-explanatory world
Blocks broken Self-explanatory world, name, data (see here for more info)
Blocks placed Self-explanatory world, name, data (see here for more info)
Buckets emptied Self-explanatory world
Buckets filled Self-explanatory world
Commands done Amount of commands done world
Damage taken Self-explanatory world, cause
Death Amount of times died world, cause
Eggs thrown Self-explanatory world
Fish caught Self-explanatory world
Items crafted Self-explanatory world, name
Items dropped Self-explanatory world, name
Items picked up Self-explanatory world, name
Joins Amount of times joined the server None
Kill Amount of kills gotten world, (name of) weapon, entityType
Last join Last time (in milliseconds epoch time) joined the server world
Last seen Last time (in milliseconds epoch time) left the server world
Money Not yet functional world
Move Amount of blocks moved world, type (0 = walking, 1 = boat, 2 = minecart, 3 = pig, 4 = on a pig in a minecart, 5 = horse, 6 = flying)
Omnomnom Amount of food eaten world
PVP PVP kills gotten world, victim (UUID of the other player), time (in milliseconds epoch time), (name of) weapon
PVP streak Current kill-chain, gets reset when killed world
PVP top streak Highest PVP streak ever achieved - may be moved to Highscores in the future world
Playtime Time in seconds played on the server world
Shears Amount of sheeps sheared world
Teleports Amount of times teleported world
Times kicked Self-explanatory world
Tools broken Self-explanatory world, name
Trades Amount of times traded with a villager world
Votes Removed since 3.1.1-RC due to incompatibility. If the player name is not found, the vote is ignored None
Words said Amount of words said world
Times changed world Self-explanatory None
Xp gained Amount of XP gained in total world


Some commands require special permissions to be executed. Here is a list with all permission nodes:

Node Default value Description
stats.view true Access to /stats
stats.view.others true Access to /stats <player>
stats.custom op Gives access to nodes stats.add and stats.create
stats.add op Access to /stats add
stats.create op Access to /stats create
stats.admin op Access to /stats admin
stats.reset op Gives access to nodes stats.reset.self and stats.reset.others
stats.reset.all op Access to /stats reset all
stats.set op Access to /stats set op Can create [Stats] signs

More info soon


If you feel like giving something back to me, you can donate to me. All income from donations will be spent on coffee or similar.
I'm accepting donations through:

  • Bitcoins on address 1QC19kut8nuMJNAsMZ3QneKuW2a8f5QgQG
  • Dogecoins on address DKN8Lrm4KfC7Jh9M2KopjPkwcRfA7Ak3zj
  • Paypal, either via email lolmewn(at) or via this link


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