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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4


You want to support the Plugin but don't like to donate? Make some Screenshots or Video that in your opinion represent Limited Creative. I would be glad to put them on the Main Page


  • Prevent drops from mobs killed in creative
  • Prevent dropping of minecarts when destroyed in creative when TrainCarts is installed (that bothered myself)


  • Threaded BlockState module for huge performance increase
    • disabled by default
    • requires more memory than non thread
    • not recommended for less then 10 players
  • Per world disable of BlockState module in config
  • Handling falling Blocks (Gravel/Sand)
  • BlockState DB Migration Command (mysql to sqlite and vice versa): /lc bs migrate
  • Ingame configuration: /lc config inventory creativeArmor head current (etc.) to easy configure colored leather


  • Added Drop-Blocking for attached items like torches and co
    • Prevents drop of all items attached to a block a creative Player destroyed (Limit-Module)
    • Prevents drop of all items placed by a creative player, even if destroyed by water, or a survival player breaking the block attached to (BlockState-Module)
    • This affects attached items like torches, tripwires, lever (, etc) as well as grounded items like redstone, repeaters, carpet, pressure plates(, etc)
    • If any item is missing, drop a PM or a Ticket (Currently know items)
  • Fixed Piston-Glitch: #147
  • Fixed Sqlite-Reload-Issue: #147
  • Tweak AuthMe-Integration a little bit #148 (but there are still issues!)
  • Rely on new Inventory-Blocking by default now to allowed interacting with hoppers and chest while crouching (to place blocks) (#148)
  • Fixed //region commands (especially flag -g, and default info)
  • Removed MultiWorld GameMode-Support (as MW doesn't work correct)
  • Better Region-border check to prevent unnecessary blockage of chest-access and block placing.
  • CommandBlocker ignoreCase
  • Workaround NPE for list configuration commands
  • Ensured full documentation on Jenkins Build
  • Attention: The plugin sends Metric-Data to track plugin usage.

developed for:

  • Inventory-AuthMe-Integration is still buggy (AuthMe-Issue: Details)