Limited Creative

Limited Creative

prevents any way of creative player to pass items to survival-mode, without need of a separate creative-world.


Scenario: You're starting your first survival server, just finished the spawn, the first players join and one asks: "hey sup, g1v3 me cr3at1v3. i made u teh imba *whatever*-building". Well, if you really decide to say okay to that, 5 minutes later, that players has stacks of diamondblocks, -armor and -tools in there bags. Next step? Reset your world and completely start over, which is never fun!
But Limited Creative is here to save you.

So how does Limited Creative prevents players from abusing creative-mode within your world:

  • Switching back to survival? previous survival-inventory restored
  • Trying to put items in a chest? denied
  • Trying to drop something on the ground or hopper? denied
  • Trying to put items into storage-carts or sell to villagers or similar? denied
  • Using commands not intended for creative players? denied
  • Using economy to sell for plugins? denied
  • Wants to go anywhere in creative mode? denied
  • Trying to place expensive blocks somewhere? allowed, for sure, that's what creative is for, but the block won't drop anything if destroyed in survival!

The restrictions aren't only for restricted players. I also like to have some of them as the owner. For example separated inventories: No need to rearrange your quick-bar after switching back to survival mode. No more bother because you thrown away a stack of grilled steaks for a single wool-block on switching back ;)
Or building a minecart track as op. While breaking blocks often carts, rails torches, redstone and much more fall to ground... no longer! LC prevents all that drops, or just removes them when you walk over.


  • Inventories-Module
    • Display configured armor on creative players for visual distinction
    • Remember creative inventory or not
    • Separate adventure from survival or not
  • Limit-Module
    • prevent dropping of items in creative mode (even on death)
    • prevent access to all types of chests in creative mode
    • prevent usage of interactive signs (to stop economy in creative)
    • prevent dealing or retrieving damage to/from other players (that means: no PvP between creative and survival player)
    • blacklisting the use/create of items/blocks as well as breaking blocks
    • blacklisting the interaction with selected entities
    • optional prevent pick up of items in creative mode or remove items on pick up
  • WorldGuard Region-Module
    • that means: enable automatic creative-mode for selected players in regions you want
    • blocks in creative regions never drop anything (independent who placed it or which game mode the destroyer is in)
    • prevents pistons from getting blocks out of creative areas
    • optional: let player switch game mode in creative-area (/lc creative/survival) without permission
  • Command Blocker-Module
    • While in creative mode, certain commands can blocked for users via configuration
    • Either blocks simple strings or complex regular expressions
    • Bypass certain parameter commands via permission
  • GameMode-Permissions-Module
    • Adds players to a configured permission-group as long as they are in creative
    • This allows you to negate all permissions that creative players shouldn't use, like economic features
    • Requires Vault and a Permission-Plugin supported by Vault
  • BlockState-Module Disabled by default in config.yml
    • Remembers if blocks are set by creative players
    • Prevents the drop of blocks created by creative players, even if it is not in a region
    • Works with pistons, tnt, item frames, falling sand/gravel and attached items like redstone/torches
    • Supports MySQL and SQLite (definition form bukkit.yml)
    • A tool (wood pickaxe by default; right-click) tells an op who created the block in which gamemode.
    • A command (/lc bs) to modify the saved state in the database, via WorldEdit-Selections

All features are optional and can be independent disabled in config.

Utilizing the only for LC developed library plib, LC provides easy usability for admins:

  • Self explaining config.yml, with every setting documented
  • Full configurable from commandline/ingame commands
  • Detailed command explanation for every (sub-)command (/lc help)
  • On the fly module enable- and disabling via configuration-commands


While most of the plugin (config and commands) are self explaining, you can click on the features above for further description (incomplete). Also following some more references:

Tutorial: How to start




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Translation / Supporting the Plugin

Please help translating the plugin, by clicking on your Language at the Translation-Page. You can then enter the localized strings for you language. It should be easy to you to add some strings of your mother language. Improvements to English language is also welcome.

Also I would like to add some new Screenshots, maybe a Video. So feel free to send me what you imagine represents this Plugin.

Collecting Statistics

This plugin collects some basic statistics about the amount of servers using this plugin, as well as MCStats.
What is send: Server-Name, -Address and -Version, List of installed Plugins, LimitedCreative-Version, Count of players online. These Information aren't published and can only be seen by me, the Author (Possible).
The MCStats are complete anonymous and can be seen by everyone here.

You can disable all collection with /lc config metrics false and /lc config save
Before doing that I please you to read further about the Metrics.

Known Problems/Bypasses/Incompatibilities

Attention: WorldGuard has its own "game-mode" flag. That flag doesn't relate to LC in any way! Be sure to use "//region flag <id> gamemode creative" instead of /region ...; Otherwise the LC restrictions won't affect that region.

Currently no ways to bypass restrictions as a creative player are known
as of Nov 2, 2013 (some reports are currently under evaluation)


  • Source on GitHub
  • Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
    These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Special thanks to all Donators:
90$ zeshan321
50$ (MinecraftAllen)
25$ Suzy
5$ Punkred
<sub>Timerange: Jan. 2012 till Dec. 2013</sub>

How to handle errors/problems

I will no longer bearing huge error msgs in the comments. Make a ticket for that if you want me to react on that. If there is an error message in the comments i may delete the comment without annotation.


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