How to use

Just create a kit with the name of the special kit name (configurable in the KingKitsSpecial config). If the kit requires a specific item, add that in too.

Some kits require lores. You can add lores by getting my plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/rename-items/

When you get the plugin type "/addlore <lore>" and it adds a lore.

Special Kits

Snowman kit - If you chuck a snowball at a player, the target turns blind for 3 seconds.

Fisher kit - Fish other players towards you! (Never tested it, may not work. I will fix in the future)

Naturalist kit - If the user walks on a grass block, there is a 3% chance he would be healed by 1 heart (Configurable).

Carrotman kit - When a player eats a carrot, they get night vision for a configurable amount of time.

Zombie kit - The player is immune to zombies. Zombies cannot follow them and if the player attacks a zombie, it wont attack them back.

Viper kit - If a player attacks another player with a stone/wooden sword, there's a 20% of the damaged player getting poison effect.

Stomper kit - If a player jumps onto another player (the player must get fall damage), the target player instantly dies. If the target player is blocking or sneaking, they get damaged seriously but don't die and if they are blocking and sneaking at the same time, they don't get damaged at all. Also, Stompers can jump of really high buildings without getting killed (reduced fall damage).

Monk kit - If a player right clicks another player with a blaze rod, the target player's item goes into their inventory in a random slot and the item in their hand is set to air. If the target player's inventory is full, it swaps a random item in the target player's inventory with the item in their hand. There is a 5 second cool down per monk (configurable time).

Thor kit - If a player right clicks on the floor with a wooden axe, lightning is cast down at that location. There is a 5 second cool down per thor (configurable time).

Endermage kit - If a player places a nether portal, players around 60 blocks beneath and above and 1.5 blocks around them get teleported to the nether portal's location. All players teleported including the Endermage are invincible for 5 seconds. There is a cooldown of 10 seconds (configurable time).

Switcher kit - If a player chucks a snowball at a player who's not a Switcher, they will switch locations with each other.

Ghost kit - If a player right clicks a feather, they will be able to fly for 5 seconds (configurable). There is a 30 second delay.

Halter kit - If a player chucks a snowball at a player who's not a Halter, they will be frozen in ice blocks for 5 seconds.

Snail kit - If a player hits another player who's not a Snail with a wooden/stone sword, there is a 20% chance they will get slowness effect for 5 seconds (configurable).

Acrobat kit - Acrobats can double jump. Coming soon: Adding a delay to double jump.

Kangaroo kit - If a Kangaroo places a firework, they launch up into the air a bit.

Suicidal kit - If a Suicidal places a block of TNT it instantly explodes and if a Suicidal dies, there's a chance (configurable) that a TNT will explode at their death location.

Barrier kit - If a player using the "Barrier" kit uses the Barrier item (configurable), they will automatically have a forcefield around them with a configurable radius. Any other player who walks into this forcefield will be knocked backwards.

Sniper kit - If a Sniper shoots an arrow at someone in a configurable radius, there's a chance (configurable) of one shot killing them.


Download link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/KingKits/files/


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