Configuration (config.yml)

Default config

# KingKits Configuration
Op bypass: true
PvP Worlds:
- All
Enable kits command: true
Enable create kits command: true
Enable delete kits command: true
Enable rename kits command: true
Enable refill command: true
Kit sign: '[Kit]'
Kit list sign: '[KList]'
Kit sign valid: '&0[&1Kit&0]'
Kit sign invalid: '&0[&cKit&0]'
Kit list sign valid: '&0[&1KList&0]'
Kit cooldown enabled: true
List kits on join: true
Use permissions on join: true
Use permissions for kit list: true
Kit list mode: Text
Remove items on leave: true
Drop items on death: false
Drop items: false
Drop animations:
- 281
Allow picking up items: true
Clear inventories on reload: true
One kit per life: false
Check for updates: true
Automatically update: false
Enable score: true
Score chat prefix: '&6[&a<score>&6]'
Score per kill: 2
Max score: 2147483647
Remove potion effects on leave: true
Set compass target to nearest player: true
Quick soup: true
Requires kit to use refill: true
Command to run when changing kits: ''
Disable block placing and breaking: false
Disable death messages: false
Lock hunger level: true
Custom message: '&6You have chosen the kit &c<kit>&6.'
Disable gamemode while using a kit: false
Enable killstreaks: false
Disable item breaking: true
Kit menu on join: false
Clear items on kit creation: true
Kit particle effects: false
Show kit preview: false

Configuration explanation table

Op bypassBooleanShould OPs bypass most things like kit cooldowns.
PvP WorldsListThe list of PvP worlds. If "All" is in the list, all worlds will be a KitPvP world.
Enable kits commandBooleanEnable/disable the kits command.
Enable create kits commandBooleanEnable/disable the create kits command.
Enable delete kits commandBooleanEnable/disable the delete kits command.
Enable rename kits commandBooleanEnable/disable the rename kits command.
Enable refill kits commandBooleanEnable/disable the refill kits command.
Kit signStringThe first line of an inactive kit sign.
Kit list signStringThe first line of an inactive kit list sign.
Kit sign validStringThe first line of a valid kit sign.
Kit sign invalidStringThe first line of an invalid kit sign.
Kit list sign validStringThe first line of a valid kit list sign.
Kit cooldown enabledBooleanIf the plugin should ignore kit cooldowns set in the kits config.
List kits on joinBooleanList the kits when a player joins.
Use permissions on joinBooleanOnly list kits that players have access to when joining.
Use permissions for kit listBooleanOnly list kits that players have access to when using the command.
Kit list modeStringThe mode of the kit list. Either Text or GUI.
Remove items on leaveBooleanClear player inventories when they leave in the PvP world.
Drop items on deathBooleanDrop the player's items when they die.
Drop itemsBooleanAllow players dropping items.
Drop animationsListA list of IDs that can be dropped but get cleared.
Allow picking up itemsBooleanAllow players picking up items.
Clear inventories on reloadBooleanClear player inventories when the server restarts/reloads/stops.
One kit per lifeBooleanAble to use only one kit per life.
Check for updatesBooleanCheck for updates when the plugin is enabled.
Automatically updateBooleanAutomatically update the plugin if there is a newer version.
Enable scoreBooleanEnable scores.
Score chat prefixStringThe chat format for scores.
Score per killIntegerThe score gained by killing a player.
Max scoreIntegerThe maximum score.
Remove potion effects on leaveBooleanRemove potion effects when a player leaves.
Set compass target to nearest playerBooleanAllow right clicking of a compass to target the nearest player.
Quick soupBooleanAllow quick soup (instant right-click soups).
Requires kit to use refillBooleanRequire a kit to use the refill command.
Command to run when changing kitsStringThe command to run when someone changes kits.
Disable block placing and breakingBooleanDisable players being able to place and break.
Disable death messagesBooleanDisable messages when someone dies.
Lock hunger levelBooleanMake player hunger never decrease.
Custom messageStringThe message to send the player when they choose a kit.
Disable gamemode while using a kit.BooleanDisable changing of gamemodes whilst using a kit.
Enable killstreaksBooleanEnable killstreaks.
Disable item breakingBooleanDisable tools and weapons from breaking.
Kit menu on joinBooleanShow a kit menu when the player joins.
Clear items on kit creationBooleanClear the inventory of the player when they create a kit.
Kit particle effectsBooleanShow particle effects when a player changes kits.
Show kit previewBooleanOpen a kit preview GUI with all the items in a kit if the player doesn't have access to that kit.