KeepItems is a lightweight plugin that allows you to force specific user groups to keep their items, even when they attempt to get rid of them.

It is based on a request on the BukkitDev forums.


Scope of what the plugin is capable of affecting (you can turn each one on and off using permissions):

  • Prevent loss of items on death
    • KeepItems.ondeath (default: false)
  • Prevent dropping items with Q key
    • KeepItems.invdrop (default: false)
  • Prevent access to chests
    • KeepItems.chestaccess (default: false)
  • Prevent access to furnaces
    • KeepItems.furnace (default: false)
  • Prevent access to dispensers
    • KeepItems.dispenser (default: false)
  • Prevent access to brewing stands
    • KeepItems.brewingstand (default: false)

This plugin requires permissions to be set, otherwise it will do nothing by default.

Permissions Note

If any of your player groups are given the *.* permission, you must manually negate the permissions shown above in order to prevent those players from being affected. This is how the Bukkit permissions system works, and is not a bug with Bukkit nor the plugin.


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