Commands and Permissions

Here are the permissions and the associated commands:

<param> - necessary parameter
[param] - optional paramter

CommandPermission NodeDescription
/kj jail <player> [player2] .. [time] [reason]KarmicJail.jailJails player(s)
kj j <player> [player2] .. [time] [reason]KarmicJail.jailAlias to /kj jail
/kj unjail <player> [player2] ...KarmicJail.unjailUnjail player(s)
/kj setjailKarmicJail.setjailSets jail warp to current location
/kj setjail <x> <y> <z> <world>KarmicJail.setjailSets jail warp to specified location
/kj setunjailKarmicJail.setunjailSets unjail warp to current location
/kj setunjail <x> <y> <z> <world>KarmicJail.setunjailSets unjail warp to specified location
/kj status [player]KarmicJail.statusCheck your jail status, or the status of the specified player
/kj help-Show help
/kj ?-Alias to show help menu
/kj list [page]KarmicJail.listShow list of people jailed
/kj prevKarmicJail.listShow previous page of list
/kj nextKarmicJail.listShow next page of list
/kj mute<player>KarmicJail.muteToggles mute for specified jailed player
/kj time<player> [player2] ... <time>KarmicJail.jailEdits time for specified player(s) to given time
/kj last<player>KarmicJail.warp.lastTeleports to the last known location of given player
/kj warp<player>KarmicJail.warp.jailWarps target player to jail without jailing them.
/kj inv<player>KarmicJail.inventory.viewView inventory for specified jailed player.
/kj historyKarmicJail.history.viewShow jail history menu.
/kj history view [player]KarmicJail.history.viewOpen jail/comment history for given player, or current player if currently viewing one.
/kj history prevKarmicJail.history.viewShow previous page of jail history
/kj history nextKarmicJail.history.viewShow next page of jail history
/kj history page [page]KarmicJail.history.viewShow given page of jail history
/kj history add <player> <comment...>KarmicJail.history.addAdd comment to player
/kj history helpKarmicJail.history.viewShow help on jail history commands/arguments
/kj reloadKarmicJail.jail OR KarmicJail.unjail OR KarmicJail.setJailReloads the config file
/kj version-Get plugin version and config info
-KarmicJail.broadcastPlayers with this permission will receive enabled broadcast notices.
-KarmicJail.inventory.modifyPlayers with this permission will be able to make permanent changes to jailed player's inventory.
-KarmicJail.warp.joinignoreIgnore the warp on join if warpAllOnJoin is set to true in the config.
-KarmicJail.timedRequired to set jail time to jailed players if timedJailNeedsPermission is set to true in the config.
-KarmicJail.exemptExempts player / group from being jailed.

Also, there is a KarmicJail.* node, that gives all available nodes.


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