k1ll3z's Heroes skills

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A couple of custom skills I created for the Heroes plugin. Not much else to say but enjoy!


  • FireFists - Makes your next few hits set the enemy on fire
  • ThunderClap - Slows enemies around you and strikes them with lightning
  • ShadowBlade - AOE damage + silence
  • Combust - Sets players around you on fire AOE
  • CrusaderStrike - Heavy strike on enemies that does light damage
  • PoisonGas - AOE poison
  • SapStrike - Deal damage on opponent and heal
  • AirRipper - AOE damage
  • Redemption - Sacrifice a Health to do damage
  • BloodStorm - AOE bleed effect
  • WhirlWind - AOE disarm effect
  • Bloodlust - Sacrifice half of your health to boost your defense and damage
  • LightningArrow - Arrows strike lightning on the enemy they hit
  • LightningBlade - Next few hits strike lightning on the enemy
  • MindShatter - Stun, silence and damage over X seconds
  • Explode - Pay X health to do X damage to enemies around you
  • Fireskin - Toggleable passive that allows you to go in fire/lava without losing damage
  • Lullaby - Put's your target into a sleeping phase where they can't move nor see very far
  • FatefulChain - The deal damage equal to the amount of damage you last took to enemies near you
  • PositionSwap - You teleport to where your target is at and they teleport to where you were

Decided to make my MobDisguise skills public due to high demand:

  • Disguise - Passive: makes the class undisguise when hit !!!REQUIRES MOB DISGUISE!!!
  • Transform - Disguise into the mob/player you're looking at. !!!REQUIRES MOB DISGUISE!!!

All skills work on the Heroes recommended build


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