A typical IPC Report for a player with multiple accounts...

My staff wanted a way to check for players who were using multiple accounts easily, especially those who like to bypass bans. So, my solution to their dilemma was this plugin.

With IP-Check, you can log every account a user ever makes, across every IP, and keep track of them all. It supports cross-IP logging, as well as account limiting and filtering. Don't like it when people have more than one account? Stop them! IP-Check comes with Secure Mode, in which you can define a number of accounts that players can have. Players may then have up to that many number of accounts, and any other accounts will not be permitted to join, even across different IPs! Or, for an added effect, it can even ban the account.

IP-Check can also notify you whenever a multi-accounter logs into your server. Simply set the number of accounts players may have, and any time a player logs on with more than that number of accounts, you'll receive a warning about it. If they are in violation of your rules, you can ban them! But banning each account one at a time is long and time-consuming. With IP-Check, we've summed that all up into one simple command. When issued, IP-Check will take the players IP, ban all the accounts linked to it, and then ban the IP itself. Or if you've accidentally banned the wrong account, there's a command to unban them all as well.

IP-Check supports logging with MySQL and SQLite. It has no external dependencies, and installation is as simple as dragging and dropping the plugin file and restarting your server.

Login Notifications with Simple Notifications enabled

Reporting Plugin Issues and Bugs:

All issues are now handled through GitHub. If you would like to report an issue, please visit the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Support is currently only offered for IP-Check v2.x (build 2053+). It is recommended that you update to the latest build and enable Automatic Updates so that you may receive bug fixes and patches as they are released. No support is offered for any build of IP-Check v1.x. Support is NOT offered for IP-Check v3.0.0 or v3.0.1.

NOTICE: If you are receiving messages in IPC Reports about GeoIP Services not being available, you need to download the GeoIP Database from MaxMind.com and copy it to the data folder for IP-Check. It can be downloaded from this link: GeoIP (Note, you need extract the .gz file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.)

Metrics Usage Disclaimer:

This plugin utilizes Metrics in it's code. Metrics is a system which records anonymous data about the usage of the plugin and reports it to mcstats.org where it is displayed publicly. This information cannot be used to identify your server in any way. The information collected includes but is not limited to; the version of IP-Check you are using, what version of Java you have, what operating system you are running, whether your server is online or offline, and the number of players on your server. If you would like to see the information Metrics has collected, you can view it here: Metrics Profile

MCStats Usage Graph

Questions or Comments? Post them below! All feed-back is appreciated.

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