Hive JumpPads

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Plugin description:

With this plugin you can simply create JumpPads. 

The JumpPads can be configured in nearly any way. You are able to configure the BlockID, PressureplateID, JumpPad Size, Sound, Effect and more...


Plugin features:

  • Simply create jumppads for your server lobby, etc. 
  • You are able to configure each jumppad on their own
  • Enough possibilities to deactivate the jumppads for users (e.g. permission system, worlds are disableable, etc.)
  • Falldamage can be disabled
  • Configure sounds, effects and more
  • Automatic updatechecker*
  • Metrics by**

* In order to disable the updatechecker you have to set 'automaticUpdateCheck: false' in the Hive JumpPads main configuration.

** For the Metrics deactivation you have to set 'enabled: false' in the '/bStats/config.yml' file. More informations below.



  • /hivejumppads - Main Commad
  • /hivejumppads help - Shows all of all available commands
  • /hivejumppads info - Shows a brief plugin info
  • /hivejumppads wiki - Shows the url to the Hive JumpPads wiki
  • /hivejumppads reload - Reloads the plugin and the configuration settings
  • /hivejumppads update [args] - Hive JumpPads update manager
  • /hivejumppads update download - Downloads and installs the newest HiveJumpPads version 
  • /hivejumppads update url - Shows the URL to the newest Hive JumpPads file
  • /hivejumppads update check - Runs a force update check

For these commands you have to set 'useAdvancedJumpPads: true'

  • /hivejumppads teleport <jumppadid> - Teleports you to the (registered) jumppad #<id>
  • /hivejumppads tool- Gives you the JumpPad creation tool
  • /hivejumppads remove <jumppadid> - Removes the jumppad #<id>

Of course you can use "/hjp" instead of "/hivejumppads"!



  • hivejumppads.use.jumppad - Needed to use JumpPads
  • hivejumppads.use.tool - Needed to use the JumpPad tool and '/hjp tool' command
  • hiveJumpPads.command.reload- Needed to use '/hjp reload'
  • hiveJumpPads.command.update- Needed to use '/hjp update <args>'
  • HiveJumpPads.command.remove- Needed to use '/hjp remove <id>'
  • HiveJumpPads.command.teleport - Needed to use '/hjp tp <id>'



Thank you for your support. I'm developing Hive JumpPad in my spare time, it's very time consuming. If you want to support me, you can donate via PayPal (on the top-right navigation bar) or donate via Steam here


Thank you <3:

- SmeltedMC | $1,01

- | $1,00

- | $1,00



You can find more informations in the Hive JumpPads wiki. (coming soon)



Hive JumpPads is using Metrics from It obtains a few server and plugin usage informations. It has nearly no effect on the server performance.

Check out to learn more.


In order to deactivate Metrics you have to set 'enabled: false' in the '/bStats/config.yml' file. More informations below.



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