• Compatible with 1.7
  • Configurable multipliers for the head, torso, and legs (and configurable hitboxes for added difficulty or ease)
  • Configurable effects, such as slowness, wither, etc., that can be applied upon hitting certain body parts
  • Configurable headshot messages for both the shooter and the target
  • Configurable headshot death message
  • Configurable minimum distance after which arrows do extra damage based on the distance they've travelled
  • Configurable extra damage per block travelled
  • Configurable damage required for a hit to be considered a headshot
  • Configurable armour resistance
  • Configurable bow cooldowns (reload time)
  • Configurable particle trails
  • Works on humanoid mobs
  • Update notifications

Video needed. If you feel like making a video on Headshot, please give me the link in the comments so I can show it on this page.


headshotAllows players to headshot other playersEveryone
headshot.bypass.reload-timeAllows the player to bypass bow cooldownOPs



  • Configurable mob headshots
  • (Done) Per-world configuration
  • Configurable particles and sounds on headshot
  • (Done) Reload command
  • Backstabbing (backshotting?)
  • Debug mode


Bug Reports

Please post these on GitHub or, if that's not possible, in the comments below. Please provide (at minimum) the following information:

  • What the most likely cause of the issue was (such as what you were doing at the time)
  • Any errors displayed in the console (Please use pastie.org for these!)
  • The version numbers of the plugin and of Craftbukkit (Don’t say ‘latest’!)
  • Any additional information you can provide, such as potentially conflicting plugins

Need Help?

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Disclaimer: Headshot implements Gravity's Updater, which is used for updating the plugin automatically. If you don't want to have the plugin updated automatically, set 'auto-update' to false in the configuration file. Additionally, Headshot uses MCStats to collect anonymous statistics about the kinds of servers running the plugin. All of these statistics can be found here. This can be disabled by setting 'opt-out' to true in the 'plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml' file.


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