This Bukkit Plugin will allow you to make headshots on other players (and mobs!) and do more damage (Using your bow and arrow(s) of course.)! I know there a lot of other plugins that are just like this and it isn't hard to make, but a lot of those plugins are either outdated or they have a lot of extra stuff that comes with it that you don't even want. This plugin is simple. No commands. No hassle. Just a simple permission and config. It just a configurable amount of damage on headshot, tells you if you got a headshot, and who you got it on. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

To install

Download the Headshoots.jar. Then put it into your plugins folder. Finally, reload your server to begin giving players a headache with your awesome skills!


Multiplier: 2 This is the amount that headshots will be multiplied by. Default: 2

Permissions: For users to be able to headshot others, they must have the "headshoots.use" permission node!

TellMultiplier: 'true' This will tell the player what their damage was multiplied by.

Blood: 'true' If this is true, it will make blood-like particles come off a player when headshotted.

Warn: 'true' If this is true, it will notify an operator when they long in that there is a new update available.


A short video by WoopaGaming just showing the plugin off. :3


Click me to go to the more in-depth video! (In Portuguese)


Show your support to the plugin creator (Me, EpicPie11)!


Make sure to check out my other plugins!


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