Web-interface setup!

Here is a simple tutorial i made! Please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand something!

Please note, The web-Interface has been updated and will only function on HawkEye Reloaded builds 1.5+.

(1) before attempting to download the interface you *MUST* check your php version. If it is not 5.3+ hawkeye interface will not function!

Simply use:

php -v

To check your installed php version!

(2) Download the interface from our github! Preferably the latest build. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/67ava03odvagiqj/HawkEye%20Interface.zip

(3) Drop the contents under either:

/var/www/html/(your folder name)

or for webservers:

/public_html/(your folder name)

(4) Edit config.php to fit your mysql!

//Do not change 'dbTable'
"dbHost"  => "123.123.123:3306",
"dbDbase" => "minecraft",
"dbUser"  => "root",
"dbPass"  => "mypassword",
"dbTable" => "hawkeye",
"dbPlayerTable" => "hawk_players",
"dbWorldTable" => "hawk_worlds",

(5) Navigate to:


(6) enjoy!

please note! We changed a few things, the actual interface may look different then this


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