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Q: How do i configure the Cleanse?

  • A: cleanse-period stands for when the cleanser should be ran (interval) Example: cleanse-period: 10h
  • A: cleanse-age stands for how old the entry must be! Example: cleanse-age: 50d

Q: My queue is overloaded! What should i do?

  • A: If your queue is becoming overloaded, that means entries are being logged at a VERY rapid rate. Please disable any/all large events like water-flow, lava-flow, block-foam, block-ignite, and so on!

Q: I'm getting "To many connection" errors?

  • A: You might need to reduce the connections allowed
  • A: You might need to increase logging interval

Q: HawkEye wont log any blocks?

  • A: Check your logs for any abnormal errors or overloads

Q: Are dev builds safe?

  • A: For the most part, you'd have to test it and see :)


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